Definitions for "Drew"
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Elder of the Moravians and said to be responsible for the whole concept of Moravia. Composer of the "Drew Responses" * , "The Two Dales Service","Alleluia","Te Deum". and "Jubilate" * Not to be confused with the other Drew Responses which are 1 "No it's not, it's YOUR round". and 2 " A pint of Old Dark and Grubby please"
Elder of the Moravians and Moravian-in-Charge of Dots , Chancellor of the Moravian Exchequer, and Moravian Trade Attache.
Drew is the creator of the webcomic toothpaste for dinner and co-creator of Married to the Sea, alongside wife, Natalie Dee. Drew is very secretive compared to other, more prominent web cartoonists.
United States actor (born in Ireland); father of Georgiana Emma Barrymore (1827-1862)
Drawdown Regional Economic Workgroup. A group of regional economists studying the economic issues associated with alternative actions on the lower Snake River.
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of Draw.