Definitions for "Shield"
A large region of stable, ancient basement rocks within a continent.
The protion of a craton that is denuded or free of sedimentary cover. siderophile: A geochemical class of elements that form metallic bonds with iron, and are depleted in the Earth's crust and enriched in the core, relative to cosmic (solar)abundances.
An extensive area of a continent where igneous and metamorphic rocks are exposed and have approached equilibrium with respect to erosion and isostasy. Rocks of the shield are usually very old (that is, more than 600 million years old).
The shield is a copper item that is screwed on to the front of the torch when all the other components have been put in. It is designed to protect the nozzle from splatter produced when piercing. The shield locates on the shield cap. Replacement of the shield is only required when the piece appears damaged by molten metal adhering to or melting it.
In cables an external mesh that shields the signal-carrying conductors from extraneous interference. In certain cables, the shield is only connected to one end of the cable and left floating on the other. In some very high-end designs, an electrical charge, usually battery-driven, is applied to the shield.
Protection from heat. Most glass workers who do not use long sleeved shirts pull a cotton sock with the toe end open over their arm when working bigger pieces. Wooden paddles held by other workers and full fledged flame gear are also used. Many workers put some kind of upright shield at the glory hole for body protection and to control ventilation and may shield yokes and hand tools. Most benches have a metal panel on the right arm to shield the gaffer's leg.
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To ward off; to keep off or out.
A piece of armor worn on the forearm to ward off blows.
1. A wiring or covering over either a wire or circuit which blocks RFI from entering the wiring and thereby causing noise. In microphone wiring, it may be a foil type wrapping or a braided wire. Foil gives a 100% shield while a braided shield is less than 90%. The shiled of a wire is connected to a drain wire (in the case of a foil shield) which is then connected to pin 1 of an XLR type connector. 2. Faith–as in spiritual armour.
A broad piece of defensive armor, carried on the arm, -- formerly in general use in war, for the protection of the body. See Buckler.
Anything which protects or defends; defense; shelter; protection.
Figuratively, one who protects or defends.
The escutcheon or field on which are placed the bearings in coats of arms. Cf. Lozenge. See Illust. of Escutcheon.
Cover or escutcheon of a faucet used to hide the underbody and provide a pleasing, aesthetic look.
A speleothem consisting of 2 parallel plates separated by a medial planal crack. Forms by water seeping through the medial crack.
Calcite disk created when calcite-rich seep water under hydrostatic pressure is forced from tiny cracks in a cave wall, ceiling or floor.
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A term for a design found on the reverse of some Cal s (circa Civil War) that resembles a police badge.
Generic police jargon for a badge. Also called "tin."
A fouled Anchor within a shield indicated retired Royal Navy. Stone 55 portrays a shield with crossed flags, lances and pendants together with an anchor indicating the great naval Battle of Trafalgar. The stone was erected to William Greig by his widow May Shaw. Admiral Lord Keith, owner of Tulliallan estate was at that time senior Admiral commanding the Mediterranean fleet. The quality and design of the stone is far in excess of what could be expected from the young widow. It is extremely probably that it was commissioned and paid for by Lord Keith to honour one of his tenants who died in his service of wounds received during the Battle. Stone 102 bears the shield and heraldic arms of the Callender family but the only details of burial are shown on stone 101 to William Walker who was related to the Callenders.
An element of the Monash University logo. See logo.
A symbol of a family, used in ancient times to identify a family or group, now often used as a logo. There are shields included in the trappings of several horses. Examples are Woodlands' Crusader the The General. Shields are also used to join the 12 sections of the rounding boards.
To avert, as a misfortune; hence, as a supplicatory exclamation, forbid!
the centre of any armorial display, it is divided into points, the surface areas and parts, the shief is the top part, the base the bottom (pointed) part, the dexter the left side as seen, and the sinister is the right side as seen.
A coin, the old French crown, or écu, having on one side the figure of a shield.
A design carved or chipped out on the slabs of Breton tombs. It is a highly version of an antropomorphic figure
In lichens, a Hardened cup or disk surrounded by a rim and containing the fructification, or asci.
a layer of energy that you surround yourself with and that allows you to regulate what energy will affect you and how
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Shockmount Short
A substance that lowers the levels of radiation, including lead (for gamma and alpha radiation), water, oil, polyethylene, polyurethane and other hydrocarbons such as paraffin (for neutron radiation).
An absorber placed between a radioactive source and an object to reduce the intensity of radiation. Synonym: shielding.
Material used to reduce the intensity of radiation that would irradiate personnel or equipment.
See oral screen.
a bubble of energy that works like a window screen
Also called shielding.  A screen or other housing (usually conductive) placed around devices or circuits to reduce the effect of electric or magnetic fields around them.
Emblem used on certain issues that has horizontal and vertical lines in a shield shape. how Common term for a bourse or coin show.
A design used on certain issues that has horizontal and vertical lines in a shield shape.
an enabling exercise for BERSAMA LIMA, which will occur later in the year
a regional affair restricted to a few states, the Premier Hockey League will certainly be a national level tournament
hold back a thought or feeling about; "She is harboring a grudge against him"
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a sclerite on the upper body of a tick
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The central element and sine qua non of an ACHIEVEMENT OF ARMS.
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a one time investment to insure your pets quality of life and extend your pleasure and joy
A pair of sunglasses that have one continuous lens which covers both eyes.
a circle with enclosed and/or appended elements, often quite elaborate
a shield is the actual route marker. Shields come in many varieties, but the most common shields are for Interstates, U.S. routes, state routes, and county routes. A uniform standard exists for Interstates, U.S. routes, and most county routes across the country, while state route shields vary by state.
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An opaque unit that shields a light source from direct view at certain angles. See also Glare
a special card which enables a group of creatures to move in the disputed lands
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A spot resembling, or having the form of, a shield.
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a good place to show off your device
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a high performance