Definitions for "Inductance"
the measure of a magnetic field. Measured in Henries. See Inductor for details.
The power of an electric current to develop an electromotive force in its own or an adjacent circuit.
The voltage across an inductor is directly proportional to the rate of change of the current through it divided by the rate of change of time (difference current/difference time = di/dt). The proportionality constant which makes this true is L, the inductance of the inductor component. It is denoted by and its units are the Henry (H). Therefore, the voltage across an inductor is given by v = L*(di/dt).
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Inductor Inertia Block
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The phenomenon of induction.
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Capacity for induction; the coefficient of self-induction.
The property exhibited by an inductor, or any wires or devices that are physically arranged to resemble an inductor.
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The defining characteristic of an inductor