Definitions for "Resistor"
Keywords:  ohm, impede, obey, circuit, passive
An electrical component for impeding electrical current. The measurement of this effect is called resistance, and is measured in Ohms. Resistence decrease amperage and voltage in a circuit and produces heat.
A device used to control Voltage and Current. It determines how much current will flow through a component.
an electronic component that offers a known resistance to the flow of electricity. See the Resistor Color Code for details on standard values and other information.
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silent, virtually useless opposition to Agile, drags everyone down regardless. See Team Membership
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A simple GUI application that converts resistor color bands to resistor values and vice-versa. The code is C++ using the QT widget set. It will run natively on Unix/Linux , Windows and Mac.
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a first order crossover for tweeters
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a safer approach
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