Definitions for "Conductive"
Keywords:  ohm, static, megohm, adsorb, electric
A measure of the ability of a solution to carry electricity; the reciprocal of the electrical resistance. The unit of conductance is the ohm (reciprocal ohm).
refers to the ability of a material to conduct a charge to ground and is usually indicated by an electrical resistance range measured in ohms of a minimum of 2.5 x 104, (25,000 ohms), to a maximum of 1.0 x 106, (1 million ohms)
The ability to allow the flow of an electric charge.
Keywords:  pistil, quality, tissue, power
Having the quality or power of conducting; as, the conductive tissue of a pistil.
Keywords:  lesion, impairment, outer, ear, hearing
A hearing impairment caused by a lesion of the outer or middle ear
Keywords:  material
a material that is a conductor.