Definitions for "Dielectric Constant"
The ratio of the capacity of a condenser having a dielectric constant between the plates to that of the same condenser when the dielectric is replaced by a vacuum; a measure of the electrical charge stored per unit volume at unit potential.
is the ratio of the electric displacement in a medium to the intensity of the electric field producing it.
The dielectric constant of a solvent measures the ability of a solvent to separate electric charges, and therefore to dissolve ionic compounds.
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a fundamental property of a material such as boiling point, melting point, viscosity, and refractive index
13.1 Properties at temp=300 K,wavelength not given for refractive index Semiconductor Sensors,by S.M.Sze,UMC chair professor,John Wiley & Sons ,INC.Appendix D, p.535
The relationship between two charges, that is their distance of separation in relation to the force of attraction.
Related to the force of attraction between two opposite charges separated by a distance in a uniform medium.