Definitions for "DISTANCE"
The only thing that the rich are willing for the poor to call theirs, and keep.
The space between two objects; the length of a line, especially the shortest line joining two points or things that are separate; measure of separation in place.
A space marked out in the last part of a race course.
the distance between two fencers in order that the target may hit - this may also be classified as riposting distance (where only the extension of the arm is necessary) or lunging distance. The distance for the commencement of a bout is 4 metres.
The full number of rounds to a bout.
The space separating the fencers. We distinguish five distances: Open distance = farther than advance-lunge distance. Advance-lunge distance. Lunging distance Thrusting distance. Close Quarters = closer than thrusting distance.
To outstrip by as much as a distance (see Distance, n., 3); to leave far behind; to surpass greatly.
go far ahead of; "He outdistanced the other runners"
How far the ball goes when hit consistently on the clubface.
Distance is a 2001 movie by Japanese director Koreeda Hirokazu, starring Arata, Asano Tadanobu, Iseya Yusuke, Terajima Susumu, and Natsukawa Yui.
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Distance is measured in degrees of arc, the common way of measuring distance on a sphere, and kilometers in REV. The illustration to the left demonstrates the distance in degrees of arc from an earthquake to a station. The station is located at 50 degrees while the earthquake is at 135 degrees. By subtracting 50 from 135, we get the degree of the angle created by the distance between the earthquake and station.
Distance was a late-1980s rock/funk band led by bassist/producer Bernard Edwards, patterned after the Power Station. The band was comprised of to be Bad Company member Robert Hart on lead vocals, former Chic and Power Station members Edwards (bass) and Tony Thompson (drums), and noted session musicians Eddie Martinez on guitar and Jeff Bova on keys.
A measure of how similar two images are. When two images are compared, a distance value for visual attribute and an overall distance value (weighted sum of the attribute distances) are calculated. The distance for each visual attribute can range from 0 (no difference) to 100 (maximum possible difference). Thus, the more similar two images are with respect to a visual attribute, the smaller the distance will be between their scores for that attribute.
(D) - vertical travel distance of the hands from the origin to the destination of the lift (measured as an absolute value).
a measure of the extent of base matching of DNA strands from different species, and can be estimated from the effect of base mismatching on the melting temperature
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Distance is an album by Utada Hikaru, released in 2001 (see 2001 in music). It was released in direct competition with A BEST by Ayumi Hamasaki.
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() - ( pc - parsecs ) = 1 / Parallax.
Ideal disjunction; discrepancy; contrariety.
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Français : Distance Deutsch : Entfernung
Remoteness of place; a remote place.
The remoteness or reserve which respect requires; hence, respect; ceremoniousness.
Remoteness in succession or relation; as, the distance between a descendant and his ancestor.
A withholding of intimacy; alienation; coldness; disagreement; variance; restraint; reserve.
In the context of SectionView/MAPaint, distance is the control that determines the perpendicular distance of the viewed section from the "fixed point".
Another event where the points are given according to distance the disc is flying.
One of the three components of the time, distance, and shielding (TDS) response; refers to the recommendation that one maintain distance from a hazard, if at all possible.  Refer to the Emergency Response Guide (ERG) as an appropriate resource.
The part of a picture which contains the representation of those objects which are the farthest away, esp. in a landscape.
indifference by personal withdrawal; "emotional distance"
an invaluable collection of such powerful expressions of collective identity
keep at a distance; "we have to distance ourselves from these events in order to continue living"
Term used to refer to events over 400 meters.
Distance remaining between your present position and a waypoint.
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LEARNING Courses offered via the Internet.
a NASA Learning Technologies Project at the John C
Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, "distance" means the same as "mileage."
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a distant region; "I could see it in the distance"
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(see genetic distance)