Definitions for "Precision"
The quality or state of being precise; exact limitation; exactness; accuracy; strict conformity to a rule or a standard; definiteness.
The degree of refinement with which an operation is performed or a design replicated.
The degree of reproducibility among several independent measurements of the same true value.
The number of digits to which floating-point numbers are represented. Double-precision numbers can have greater precision than single-precision numbers.
The number of bits or digits in which a value can be represented. The precision of a value indicates how close a floating-point approximation can be to the exact numeric value being represented.
The number of digits past the decimal that are used to express a quantity. ትኽክለኛነት View
The degree of exactness to which a timestamp needs to be specified. Each frequency has an associated precision. Oracle8 Time Series functions require that input timestamps be of the precision of the frequency associated with the calendar. A timestamp that is not consistent with the frequency is said to be imprecise.
a concept of uniformity based on the magnitude of the random errors. The smaller the random errors, the higher the precision.
the quality of being exact. Example: The surgeon performed the cut on the patient with complete precision
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10-15 to Dexterity
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"Precision" is the authorized march of Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). It was composed in 1932 by Denise Chabot, wife of Major C. A. Chabot, a Royal Canadian Artillery officer on staff at the College at the time.
In this project, the ability of the archaeological predictive model to correctly predict site presence at, let us say, 85 percent correct while mapping substantially less than this percent of the landscape to medium or high archaeological sensitivity zones. A model, for instance, that indicates archaeological potential at every location in a region would be 100 percent accurate but would lack any precision. An archaeological predictive model must be not only accurate but precise in its predictions.
Defines the culture of an organization that does not accept failures of any type including primary failures. The next generation of operational excellence that will replace predictive systems. The effort to achieve the limit of proactivity.
The percent of elements correctly matching a given attribute, out of all the elements identified as matching by a procedure.
method of flying which demonstrates the pilot’s mastery over the kite and is by definition, precise. In competition, a series of compulsory maneuvers and freestyle section performed in front of judges.
In survey research, the tightness of the confidence limits.
The range in which the best estimates of a true value approximate the true value. See Confidence interval. ( Diagnosis, Harm, Prognosis, Therapy)
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See Imprecision.
a word which further defines and interprets another word to which it is in grammatical apposition
The quality of being exactly defined.
adjective Term used to describe non-ABEC-rated bearings.
The scale at which forecast numbers are displayed. Choices include dollars, hundreds, thousands, and millions.
A process in which the mind fixes its attention upon one or the other characteristic of a thing or upon one element common to many things, excluding others which are joined to it in the real order.
Precision is the result of being manufactured to close tolerances.
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a bidding system based on a big-club opening and five-card majors.
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See search precision.
(Time Series User's Guide; search in this book)
sheeting The conversion of paper rolls into finished sheet sizes in a single operation.
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Precision is how well you define a value. For example, if the value you are representing is 4.321 and you say it's 4.3, you are precise to two places....