Definitions for "variance"
Waiver from planning code requirement due to hardship of the applicant.
A device which grants a property owner relief from certain provisions of the Critical Area ordinances when, because of the particular physical surroundings, shape, or topographical condition of the property, compliance would result in a particular hardship upon the owner, as distinguished from a mere inconvenience or a desire to benefit economically. Authority to decide variances is vested in the local jurisdiction's Board of Appeals or, in certain jurisdictions, a special hearing examiner. All variances granted by Boards of Appeal or hearing examiners within the Critical Area are reviewed by Critical Area Commission staff for consistency with State regulations.
A limited waiver from the requirements of the zoning ordinance, or building code, that may be granted because of special circumstances regarding the subject property. A land use variance usually requires a public hearing before the Planning Commission, Zoning Board,or Zoning Administrator. A building code variance may be granted by the Building Official, or a Board of Permit Appeals.
A measure of the average distance between each of a set of data points and their...
The quality or state of being variant; change of condition; variation.
The expected value of the square of the deviation from the mean of a randomly distributed variable; the second moment about the mean. This is also the square of the standard deviation.
In the Labor Distribution System (LDS), a difference between the Payroll and the LDS records.
The difference between a planned, budgeted or standard cost and the actual cost incurred. The same comparisons may be made for revenues.
The difference between planned, budgeted or standard cost and actual cost (or revenue). Variance analysis is an analysis of the factors which have caused the difference between the pre-determined standards and the actual results.
Difference that produces dispute or controversy; disagreement; dissension; discord; dispute; quarrel.
A disagreement or difference between two parts of the same legal proceeding, which, to be effectual, ought to agree, -- as between the writ and the declaration, or between the allegation and the proof.
discord that splits a group
Any mechanism or provision under Sections 301 or 316 of the CWA or under 40 CFR Part 125, or in the applicable "effluent limitations guidelines" which allows modification to or waiver of the generally applicable effluent limitations requirements or time deadlines of the CWA. This includes provisions which allow the establishment of alternative limitations based on fundamentally different factors.
A mechanism or provision that allows modification to or waiver of requirements or standards.
a program that allows for flexibility from specific requirements of an OSHA standard where levels of employee protection are maintained
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An exemption given by the State to a water system if an MCL cannot be met; given that certain conditions are met by the water system.
A State with primary enforcement responsibility under the Safe Drinking Water Act may relieve a public water system from a requirement respecting an MCL by granting a variance if certain conditions exist. These are:
A VaR measure that calculates the volatility of each risk factor from historical data an estimates its effect on the portfolio to give an overall composite VaR that includes all risk factors.
The difference between two area calculations of a subject suite, floor or building area made by two individuals. The area calculation of a building owner is deemed accurate if the variance between their area calculation and that of another party is less than 2% under the BOMA, GWCAR and NAHB Standards.
When a group sends in premium with number of lives and either the premium or the commission amounts are not equal to what the system calculates for that number of lives. We then send out a variance letter with a correct worksheet and explain the difference. Enrollment variance for underwriting purposes is when there is a change greater than 10% in the enrollment of the group, the underwriter may choose to trigger a provision of the policy and change the rates and/or factors the group contract is based on.
a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions; "a growing divergence of opinion"
The amount, rate, extent, degree of change, or the divergence from a desired characteristic or state. back to the top
a problem that stems form a focal problem being embedded in a web or chain of relationships
a problem that when passed along, makes everyone else's job miserable
a measure of the extent to which winnings and losses fluctuate over a period of time. Variance is not necessarily a measure of how well someone may play. However, the greater the variance, the greater the fluctuations between winnings and losses
It is the rezoning of a parcel of land, typically requested when the current use is not the use desired.
a method used in the subdivision processes to insure that each property is treated equally or has parity with neighboring properties
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a request to vary from regulatory requirements if an applicant is unable to comply with the current regulations
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a proposed use
vertical line charting V formation
a totally separate application