Definitions for "Modification"
The act of modifying, or the state of being modified; a change; as, the modification of an opinion, or of a machine.
The alteration of the meaning of a word or phrase by another word or phrase; -- usually a restriction of the scope of the word modified; as, in the phrase "a billion dollars is a relatively small sum to spend on cancer research" the modification of small by relatively is needed to make the sentence accurate, rather than ludicrous.
A testing modification is a change to the setting, timing, presentation or response format of a standardized examination approved by the department and recommended for a student by the student's IEP team that alters what the test measures.
An adaptation made in the curriculum, presentation method, or the environment to provide support for the individual child.
a non-commercial add-on to a game, usually freely available, which alters the game in some way
a variation in the testing environment or process that fundamentally alters what the test measures or affects the comparability of scores
The degree to which malting has been allowed to breakdown proteins and starch during the process of germination. More modification means less nitrogen, and more accessible starch. Also as the grain is modified the hard steely endosperm becomes friable or mealy.
An inclusive term for the degree of degradation and simplification of the endosperm and the carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids that comprise it.
the grammatical relation that exists when a word qualifies the meaning of the phrase
a transaction in which one or more terms of an existing equity loan is modified, but the note is not satisfied and replaced
In a phrase (e.g. a noun phrase) another phrase can occur before or after the Head word. These phrases add something to the meaning of the head (i.e. they modify their meaning). For example: Red lorry, father of the bride. In the first example, the Head lorry is premodified by red. In the second example, the Head father is postmodified by the preposition phrase of the bride.
a conversion of a game engine's source
MOD] A modification can be a total conversion or partial converstion of the original game-flow and/or game-rules. Some modifications are commercial (Official mission packs) others free from the internet (E.q. Capture The Flag, Team Fortress and many many others). Please send new additions and/or corrections to [email protected]
The specific addition of secondary residues (methyl, hydroxymethyl, glucosyl) to deoxyribonucleotides by an organism to differentiate its own DNA from other DNA or for regulatory purposes.
a decree of the Teind Court, awarding a suitable stipend to a minister
In practice, gear teeth are designed to accommodate manufacturing errors, misalignments and deflections of gear teeth, supporting bearings and housings, etc. A modification to the theoretical profile and lead is generally specified to optimize conjugate action at the design loads. The modification to the lead also includes a slight crown in the axial direction to avoid high localized stress at the edge of the gear teeth.
Hospitals may file a request with the Office for modifications to the California Hospital Discharge Data Set. The modification request must be supported by a detailed justification of the hardship that full reporting of discharge data would have on the hospital; an explanation of attempts to meet discharge data reporting requirements, and a description of any other factors that might justify a modification.
an adjustment to a confirmed case that must be approved by the Bankruptcy Judge
A revision to the approved budget, revenues or expenses, authorized by the Executive Director; resulting from transfers of equivalent amounts among accounts but leaving the ceiling, as approved by the Board, unaffected.
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a type of germ line gene therapy, but it is only performed on fetuses
Something which has been modified; a modified form or condition; state as modified; as, the various modifications of light; the latest modification of the operating system crashes less frequently.
the act of making something different (as e.g. the size of a garment)
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See 49 CFR 180.403. Go to top
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See "Amendment."
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slightly modified copy; not an exact copy; "a modification of last year's model"
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an assembly test placing four objects in order over a pin, using both hands
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is often used instead of adaptation. See “adaptation.
an operation that is specified but behaves differently in the current release
container Container Container detailing when or why a modification to the issue was made. May be related to the last corporate action, a correct, or other event.
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See review and adjustment.
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Modification Agreement
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In which no person save for those named in the policy can make any modifications to the policy.
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See modified