Definitions for "Modifier"
Keywords:  adverbs, noun, phrase, sentence, verb
A word or phrase that modifies another word, phrase, or sentence, usually by limiting the scope or restricting the meaning of the sentence element modified.
A word or word group that describes, limits, or qualifies another: a true statement, walked slowly, yards filled with rocks, the horse that jumped the fence.
a word or group of words that describes or limits another element in the sentence.
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two letter code that indicates something specific about a code to the DMERC.
These codes identify special circumstances related to the performance of the service.
a code which indicates some sort of special situation that may affect the payment amount
An ingredient in cocktails.
a highly effective additive
a scent added to give the fragrance that gives it its uniqueness
Keywords:  alter, munges, gene, expand, terrain
a gene that modifies the effect produced by another gene
a filter that's applied at template-expand time, that munges the value of the variable before it's output
an object whose purpose is to alter the terrain
Keywords:  inveterate, menu, popup, ctrl, strung
a person who changes something; "an inveterate changer of the menu"
a key that you hold down while pressing another key
a key you press only in conjunction with other keys
A material that can modify a texture or another material in a variety of ways including (but not limited to) allowing it to pan, waiver, rotate, and scale. For more information on Modifiers, see the MaterialsModifiers document.
A color that changes the appearance (hue) of another, e.g., a primary hue such as red can be modified by a secondary hue such as orange, yielding an orangy red hue. Saturation modifer, see mask.
A bonus or penalty applied to a test result.
Any non-random number added to or subtracted from a d20 roll. For example, your Attack Bonus is a modifer that is the sum of other modifiers. It can be helpful to think of modifiers as increasing or decreasing your chances of success by 5% increments. For example, if you need a 15 or higher on a d20 to score a hit, that means you have a 30% chance of success (15 to 20 = 6 chances out of 20 = 30%). If you increase your Attack Bonus by 2, you have added 10% to your chance of success (15 to 20 + 2 = 13 to 20 = 8 chances out of 20 = 40%). Similarly, if you decrease your Defense by 2, you have increased your chance of getting hit by 10%.
Usually a second-level descriptor tacked onto a descriptor. In the most controlled instance only certain subheadings are allowed to be used with each descriptor. Eg: MeSH subheadings Syn. Subheading
Keywords:  modal, geometry, plug, pipeline, theory
a plug-in made to modify objects in some way and that benefits from the geometry pipeline, while a utility is a plug-in that is useful for implementing modal procedures but is not designed (in theory) to modify objects
a plug-in that modifies objects (also called nodes) in some way
Keywords:  plugin, kind, different
a different kind of plugin
a moderator who makes less extreme or uncompromising
a linguistic element that provides supporting information about the head it modifies
a keyword that is put just before the type when declaring something, and gives additional control over how and/or where will it be stored on memory and/or managed by the system
an external controller that can control various effects parameters
Keywords:  adds, option, item, describes
an option that adds to for further describes an item
Keywords:  character, shape, signal, acts, device
A device that acts on a signal to shape its character.
Keywords:  one
One who, or that which, modifies.