Definitions for "Anaphora "
A repetition of a word or of words at the beginning of two or more successive clauses.
the use of a substitute word, such as a pronoun, in reference to a something already mentioned in a discourse; also, the relation between the substitute word and its antecedent. It is contrasted with cataphora, the use of a pronoun for a word or topic not yet mentioned.
Referential linking between pairs of words within or between sentences; the process of replacing a longer word or phrase with a shorter one, as with the use of a pronoun for a noun or a noun phrase.
Keywords:  awhen, fiends, aif, lisp, macro
Anaphora is an anaphoric macro collection for Common Lisp. It includes many new fiends, in addition to old friends like AIF and AWHEN.
In linguistics, anaphora is an instance of an expression referring to another. In general, an anaphoric expression is represented by a pro-form or some kind of deictic.