Definitions for "Pronoun"
A word used instead of a noun or name, to avoid the repetition of it. The personal pronouns in English are I, thou or you, he, she, it, we, ye, and they.
stands in place of, replaces a noun personal pronoun - eg: I, she, they - refers to people, things, or animals demonstrative pronoun - eg: this, that, these, those - points out people, things, or animals reflexive pronoun - eg: himself, ourselves, - refers back to the noun it replaces relative pronoun - eg: who, whom, whose, what, that - begins relative clause, refers back to antecedent possessive pronoun eg: yours, his, theirs - indicates ownership, possession interrogative pronoun eg: who, whose - begins a question indefinite pronoun - eg: some, any, something - refers to unspecified person, thing or animal
Pronouns are little words that can occur where noun phrases can occur, e.g. saw him. What do you think of that
a subjective complement when it actually equals the subject of the sentence
a programming-language defined source-code symbol or a sequence of symbols that refers to the referent