Definitions for "Substantive"
A noun or name; the part of speech which designates something that exists, or some object of thought, either material or immaterial; as, the words man, horse, city, goodness, excellence, are substantives.
a noun or a pronoun that is used in place of a noun
a noun , pronoun , or any word functioning like a noun
Pertaining to, or constituting, the essential part or principles; as, the law substantive.
being the essence or essential element of a thing; "substantial equivalents"; "substantive information"
applying to essential legal principles and rules of right; "substantive law"
having substance and prompting thought; "a meaty discussion"
Betokening or expressing existence; as, the substantive verb, that is, the verb to be.
Having a real existence; actual.
Keywords:  enduring, solid, firm
Enduring; solid; firm; substantial.
An ingredient's ability to be retained in the hair or skin, especially after cleansing.
variable: An element of theoretical interest within the experiment.  The researcher plans to determine whether different values of the substantive variable produce different responses.
A substantive audit procedure is a direct test of a financial statement balance.
Keywords:  depth, coverage, subject, presents
Presents in-depth coverage of a subject.
Keywords:  independent, depending
Depending on itself; independent.
To substantivize.