Definitions for "Copula"
The word which unites the subject and predicate.
The stop which connects the manuals, or the manuals with the pedals; -- called also coupler.
Literally, a link: it's a verb that connects two other parts of a clause. nearly always it's the verb to be. Copula 'be' can be followed by a NP or an AP: She was a doctor, He will be surprised.
a function that joins a univariate and multivariate distribution function
a function that links univariate marginals to their full multivariate distribution
a statistical tool describing how the distribution of single risks join together to form joint risk distribution. In the case of portfolio credit risk, copulas describe how patterns of individual default risk join together to form the distribution of loss on a portfolio
Keywords:  purum, discant, notre, unmeasured, dame
a style of Notre-Dame organum in which the top voice is measured (that is, it uses one of the rhythmic modes) but the bottom voice is unmeasured. Related terms: organum purum, discant (2).