Definitions for "Nominal"
range of indications obtainable with a particular setting of the controls of a measuring instrument.           lower range limit ... the lowest value of pressure that the device can be adjusted to measure.           lower range value ... the lowest value of pressure that the device is adjusted to measure.           upper range limit ... the highest value of pressure that the device can be adjusted to measure.           upper range value ... the highest value of pressure that the device is adjusted to measure.
In the form most directly observed or named, in contrast to a form that has been adjusted or modified in some fashion. As measured in terms of money, usually in contrast to real.
The targeted value for a dimension that defines the size of an ideal part.
Of or pertaining to a name or names; having to do with the literal meaning of a word; verbal; as, a nominal definition.
A verb formed from a noun.
pertaining to a noun or to a word group that functions as a noun; "nominal phrase"; "noun phrase"
An arbitrary micrometer value indicated by filter manufacturers. Based upon removal of some percentage of particles of a given size or larger, but rarely well defined and consequently not reproducible.
means "more or less." A nominal 5-micron filter is one that removes a high percentage of 5-micron particles.
Arbitrary term used to describe or define a degree of filtration. The filtration industry uses various methods of determining nominal ratings which are not necessarily interchangeable. Generally nominal references 98% removal of solids above a specified micron rating on a single pas basis. See absolute.
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Partial of tuned bell an octave above prime.
The highest in frequency of the five low partials. Given this name because the strike note of a bell is usually about an octave below the nominal; hence this partial provides the note-name of the bell.
Existing in name only; not real; as, a nominal difference.
A name; an appellation.
a scale using numbers, symbols, or names to designate different subclasses.
insignificantly small; a matter of form only (`tokenish' is informal); "the fee was nominal"; "a token gesture of resistance"; "a tokenish gesture"
Unordered categories which indicate membership or non-membership with no implication of quantity, i.e., assembly area number one, part numbers, etc.
1) the rate state in the instrument. 2) A minimum quantity.
Insignificant; trifling; -- of prices or costs, as compared with the benefits gained; as, to pay a nominal sum for the data; a nominal fee.
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nominal change means that there has been a change, but inflation has not been taken into account. In other words, the nominal average household income could have increased by 1%, but if inflation was 2%, then there was a nominal increase, but a real decrease.
Not adjusted for inflation. see also real. Also, the par value of a bond. see also average nominal maturity.
Nominal interest rates, nominal GDP growth Real rate + inflation
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nominal yield noncompetitive bid
Within acceptable limits; as expected; as, the hydraulic lines are at nominal pressure; -- used mostly in aviation and space operations.
as expected or planned; normal
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Is the legal tender of the coin for circulation.
Objects classified by type or characteristic.
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Nominal annual rate Nominal cash flow
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Functioning as designed
A nominalist.