Definitions for "rate"
Rate - A value describing one quantity in terms of another quantity. 1 Most...
That which is established as a measure or criterion; degree; standard; rank; proportion; ratio; as, a slow rate of movement; rate of interest is the ratio of the interest to the principal, per annum.
The gain or loss of a timepiece in a unit of time; as, daily rate; hourly rate; etc.
In epidemiologic usage, the frequency of a disease or characteristic expressed per unit of size of the population or group in which it is observed. The time at or during which the cases are observed is a further specification.
A measure of an event (numerator) within a specified population (denominator) at a specific point in time. For example, the contraceptive prevalence rate is the number of women using contraception (numerator) among all women of reproductive age (denominator) at a specific point in time.
Frequency of occurrence.
Valuation; price fixed with relation to a standard; cost; charge; as, high or low rates of transportation.
In transport: the tariff to be paid for a transport service. In forwarding: the factor which serves as a basis to calculate a price which is to be paid for a certain unit of service. In work preparation: The factor of labour expressed as a normative amount and set in relation to the amount of work done, taking into account the production quality. The work has to be performed according to a prescribed method.
The official interest rate charged by the bank fluctuates according to the repo rate.
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A warning cry given to correct hounds.
To rate a hound is to tell it off; a function strictly reserved for hunt staff.
When the master or huntsman punishes his hounds with the thong or sharp words.
Rate is a yearly percentage of the principal that is paid as interest on the loan.
The cost of debt service paid by a borrower or issuer to a lender or investor. The rate is expressed as an annual percentage of the amount borrowed. For some notes and bonds that pay interest semiannually, the semiannual interest due to the investor used to be evidenced by a coupon that could be detached and sent for collection. Thus the cost to the issuer for notes and bonds paying semiannual interest is often called the coupon rate. Lenders or investors may receive a yield that is higher or lower than the rate.
Rate is the permanent commitment of salary resources, is always associated with an authorized position, and based on annual gross salary. The total cost of a position includes salary dollars plus employer matching fringe benefit amounts for Social Security, health insurance, life insurance, and retirement contributions.
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To set a certain estimate on; to value at a certain price or degree.
The price for a ticket or way.
The price which one currency can be bought or sold for another currency.
To chide with vehemence; to scold; to censure violently; to berate.
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What NCOs have.
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reet backside, arse
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To settle the relative scale, rank, position, amount, value, or quality of; as, to rate a ship; to rate a seaman; to rate a pension.
To be set or considered in a class; to have rank; as, the ship rates as a ship of the line.
To appraise or assess; to give one's opinion of the rank or quality of.
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To ratify.
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(rah-teh) [a drill] Bored through matter for Odin
decimal Rate The actual value for a complex rate (such as interestRate) when a schedule is not warranted.
Amount of current, sometimes expressed as a fraction or decimal of the current necessary to discharge the cell in 1 hour, i.e: a fraction of the .C. rate.
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The speed at which words are spoken.
The speed at which one speaks.
Noun. Speed, e.g., baud rate saffiisa View
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Ratification; approval.
Reimbursement Repayment Repayment plan
The reimbursement rate paid by the Department to a provider from State general funds, Maryland Medical Assistance Program funds, other State or federal funds, or a combination of those funds.
Grade of official standing of enlisted men.
a pay grade, reflecting a level of aptitude, training, experience, knowledge, skill and responsibility
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The amount by which a clock gains or loses
The amount by that a clock gains or loses.
The amount(s) as shown in the UNICARE ancillary professional agreement that the participating provider agrees to accept as full payment for covered services provided to members.
The amount of money agreed on for a specific assignment.
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Rental vacancy rate RJ-45
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A tax or sum assessed by authority on property for public use, according to its income or value; esp., in England, a local tax; as, parish rates; town rates.
To assess for the payment of a rate or tax.
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The order or class to which a war vessel belongs, determined according to its size, armament, etc.; as, first rate, second rate, etc.
The class of a merchant vessel for marine insurance, determined by its relative safety as a risk, as A1, A2, etc.
Established portion or measure; fixed allowance.
General: a value, amount, cost or degree, etc. which is measured by its relation to something else.
a comparison of two different measurements
A sailor's occupational specialty
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a bit lower than the Starbucks profit margin
an identifying term or title associated with a given paygrade
(Register of Australian Tertiary Education) The qualifications system used in the higher education sector before the introduction of the Australian Qualifications Framework.
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Same as the derivative or "D" part of PID controllers.
Amount of money paid for each $1,000 of coverage.
This is the amount you pay each month or quarter for Individual and Family or Medicare health plan coverage. See the Rates section for the rates on our Individual and Family plans.
Coverage's issued at a higher rate than standard because of some health condition, or impairment of the insured.
improvement mortgage: A fixed-rate mortgage that includes a provision that gives the borrower a one-time option to reduce the interest rate (without refinancing) during the early years of the mortgage term.
lock agreement/interest rate commitment - A written agreement by which a lender will hold an interest rate on a mortgage for a specified period of time. The terms and conditions of a rate lock agreement vary from lender to lender.
Lock-In: A written agreement guaranteeing a specific interest rate and point cost on a specific loan. The loan must close within a specific period of time.
Term Refinance: - a refinance of any mortgage in which the new mortgage amount is limited to the unpaid principal balance of the existing first mortgage plus any closing costs.
The established cost of advertising space or commercial time created by the owners or managers of the medium.
The cost of outdoor advertising space.
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a patent pending program
a guaranteed program that delivers increased long term profitability through effective interest reduction
a guaranteed program "that protects your interest from interest
Enter the interest rate for this series of payments.
The return the lender receives for loaning you the money for the mortgage.
The return the lender received for loaning the borrower the money for the mortgage.
The term short forward refers to period up to two months, although it is more commonly used with respect to maturities of less than one month.
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a little higher)
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To make an estimate.
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Order; arrangement.
The return the lender receives for advancing the mortgage funds required by the borrower to purchase a property.
Identifies your account's rate plan which determines the rate you are billed.
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How much a borrower pays for the use of money.