Definitions for "England"
A constituent country of the United Kingdom.
a division of the United Kingdom
a beautiful country
"England" is a song written by Justin Hawkins from The Darkness and released by him under the name British Whale and is set to be an unofficial World Cup single for the England National Team. The song was deemed controversial even before release because it contains a jovial anti-German sentiment with references to the World War II.
England (The Album), released in 2004, is a compilation of music which all is closely related to England. The album was released to coincide with the Euro 2004 football tournament. The compilation was re-released in 2006 with minor changes to the tracklist.
England is an American Hardcore band from San Bernardino, California. They formed when several members in the Inland Empire music scene found themselves bored with the mediocre music around them. The band recorded several demos and eventually signed with Tried and True Records in 2004.
although it lies outside the magical 50 degrees north reckoned to be the limit for growing vines, England is increasingly making good and sometimes very good wine. To date pleasant white and very good sparkling wines have been produced with one or two successful attempts at reds. With the dry and sunny October, 2002 is predicted to be the best vintage in recent years and growers are looking forward with confidence.
Easter is celebrated by exchange of Easter Eggs. Gift range may vary from anything between money, clothes, chocolate or go on holidays together. Some people make Easter bonnets or baskets, which have things like daffodils in them or mini eggs. Children sometimes go to a local community center to enter an Easter bonnet competition to see whose bonnet is the best and the winner gets an Easter egg. The Easter bunny is very much a part of the Easter tradition in England. The shops are filled with thousands which people buy to give to each other.
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Henry III (reigned from 1227 to 1272, although he had as regent the Earl of Pembroke from 1216)
The climate is favourable to white grape varieties which are able to ripen in these regions. The most widely known are the "müllerurgau" and the "reichensteiner".
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Shorthand for a gules field with three lions passant or, the arms of England.
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The term "bangs" is also used in Britain. One source indicated that "fringe" used in Britain and that "bangs" is a more recent American import. HBC is unsure at this time as to which term is more common.
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a land of walkers and paths to accommodate them
a Christian charity committed to helping young people, particularly in times of need
Resources relating to English history and archives