Definitions for "CTC"
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This is an acronym for Crush, Tear, and Curl, a manufacturing process to create tea leaves that impart a stronger infusion.
A cutting process (cut, tear, curl), used to make small leaf grades required for teabags. Produces coloury fast liquoring teas.
A process of cutting, tearing and curling tea leaves, which results in full-bodied teas made from leaves that may not be of the highest quality (but not of low quality, either).
A compound (5-cyano-2,3-ditolyl tetrazolium chloride) that is fluorogenic, producing intracellular crystals, in response to bacterial respiration.
Fluorogenic compound, 5-cyano- 2,3-ditolyl tetrazolium chloride (living cells show up as red when stained with CTC)
competitive tendering and contracting
Competitive Transition Charge. A "nonbypassable" charge generally placed on distribution services to recover utility costs incurred as a result of restructuring (stranded costs - usually associated with generation facilities and services) and not recoverable in other ways.
Competitive Transition Charge. A charge generally placed on distribution services to recover utility costs incurred as a result of restructuring (ie stranded investments) which cannot be recovered by other means.
Central Tracking Chamber- the main Run I tracking chamber. It is a large drift chamber that provides stereo position measurement of charged particle tracks.
Train dispatching conducted at one location for several or all of a railroad's designated operating divisions.
Central Tasking Cell
Designation of professional competence attesting to a travel agent's successful completion of a study program developed and administered by the Institute of Certified Travel Agents.
Certified Travel Counselor. A degree attesting to professional competence of a course of study by the Institute of Certified Travel Agents. The Certified Travel Associate Degree is awarded to non-agent personnel who have completed the course (see Travel Agent).
Certified Travel Counselor - the ultimate in travel professionals, CTC certification can be compared to the " Master's Degree " of the industry, who has passed a series of rigorous tests, assuring the traveling public of professional competence.
Community transportation coordinator
Canadian Tourism Commission
Cisco Transport Controller. A Java-based program that allows a user to provision and manage the ONS 15454 using an Internet browser.
combat training center
Combat Training Centers
Centralized Test Center
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Chilena Telef& nica CTC
An acronym for the Capture the Container gameplay mode.
Cargo Transfer Company
Capture the Cargo. Activity where Itani and Serco try to get the most Purified Xithricite Ore.
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This is the name of a PGP compatible cryptographic library written by Ian Miller using a PGP compatible library development by Ian Miller and Mr. Tines. The name is ROT13 of "PGP".
Child Tax Credit. The Child Tax Credit was created in 1997 to lower the tax liabilities of families with qualified children.
Class paraabs Child Tax Credit
Class parabulletlist li Child Tax Credit
Computed tomographic colonography. A procedure in which a detailed picture of the colon is created by an x-ray machine linked to a computer. Also called computed tomography (CT) scan or computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan of the colon.
Court Technology Conference
Independent all ability non fee-paying schools for pupils aged 11-18. There are 14 CTCs and one CCTA (City College for the Technology of the Arts) in urban areas across England. CTCs teach the national curriculum pre-16, with a focus on science, mathematics and technology. They offer a wide range of vocational qualifications and part of their role is to innovate in the development, management and delivery of the curriculum.
City Technology College.
Carbon tetrachloride. A compound consisting of one carbon atom and four chlorine atoms. Carbon tetrachloride was widely used as a raw material in many industrial uses, including the production of CFCs, and as a solvent. Solvent use ended when it was discovered to be carcinogenic. Carbon tetrachloride is also used as a catalyst to deliver chlorine ions to certain processes. For further information about CTC, see the CTC table.
Compact Test Computer. Diagnostic system for calibrating and testing digital tachographs.
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Cyclists' Touring Club UK's largest national cycling organisation
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Choking The Chicken
Color trial copy. A three-dimensional object created during the proofing period that is a study related to the color to be used in the production of the edition.
Clinical Trial Certificate
Community Toilet Complex
Community Treatment Centre
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Color Temperature Control
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See Current Tissue Code