Definitions for "MRC"
(Media Rating Council) - a non-profit trade association dedicated to assuring valid, reliable and effective syndicated audience research. The MRC performs audits of Internet measurements as well as traditional media measurements.
The municipalitiés régionales de comté (MRC) is the largest local government division in Quebec.
Materials Research Corporation
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Monthly Recurring Charge
Charge that recurs on a monthly basis, such as upgraded voice mail service or an additional line appearance.
Monthly Recurring Cost. This refers to the amount that you will pay per month.
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uon eadout ard same type of card receives data from all systems (PDT, MDT, scintillator)
Missionary Resource Center
Media Resource Center. The school library.
Media Resource Center, the place where you can check out equipment for class projects. Located in the entrance of the RISD Auditorium.
abbreviation standing for Magic Rose Cube, a modular design in which a cube opens up into a rose, designed by the American paperfolder Valerie Vann.
The MRC file format is a file format for electron density has become industry standard in Cryo-electron microscopy where the result of the technique is a three-dimensional grid of voxels each with a value corresponding to density of electrons (see wave function) The MRC format is supported by almost every molecular graphics suite that supports volumetric data.
Maximum return criterion. Standard that one choose the asset with the highest return.
Maximum return criterion. May Day May expand
Military Revolutionary Committee
Medicines Review Committee
see ‘Monash University Research Committee’.
Materiel Release Confirmation
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motorized rifle company (Soviet)
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Mixed Raster Content
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Maximum Ratio Combining
Maximal Ratio Combining
Maintenance Requirement Card, part of the Planned Maintenance System, on which steps, material and personnel requirements for a specific maintenance action are listed.
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See Message-based Reliable Channel.
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Master Requirement Code