Definitions for "Revolutionary"
a person who advocates or instigates a revolution; that which causes a drastic change in society.
seeking radical change
a radical supporter of political or social revolution
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A revolutionist.
Of or pertaining to a revolution in government; tending to, or promoting, revolution; as, revolutionary war; revolutionary measures; revolutionary agitators.
relating to or having the nature of a revolution; "revolutionary wars"; "the Revolutionary era"
Committees Unofficial watchdog organizations whose members tended to be zealots devoted to Qadhafi and his teachings. First instituted in November 1977 to supervise the Basic People's Congresses and to fight bureaucracy, they have steadily grown more powerful. For example, their members play a large role in selecting delegates to the General People's Congress.
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a black nationalist
Keywords:  politician, office
a politician who is out of office
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See Revolutionary philosophy
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Disk drives go round and round.