Definitions for "Chickenhawk"
a person who believes that military might should supplant diplomacy and humanitarianism as the first principle of American foreign policy, yet are loathe to be in the military or actually fight for these principles themselves
a person who calls upon others to fight and die at their command to protect their beliefs and interests while they themselves avoid military service
a person who is gungho war, thinks it the only answer, but declined to serve themselves
a rabid pro clawbacks, the tax department abandoned its efforts to recover the do not drive fancy cars, nor take expensive vacations, nor
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child molester.
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a guy who chases sexually mature, but legally underage boys ("chicken")
Keywords:  creature, particular
a very particular creature
Keywords:  seeks, older, young, male, gay
an older person who likes the very young and seeks them out, most often an older gay male