Definitions for "Creature"
A human being, in pity, contempt, or endearment; as, a poor creature; a pretty creature.
a human being; `wight' is an archaic term
Creature was the second album from Canadian alternative rock band Moist, released in 1996. It featured the singles "Leave it Alone", "Resurrection", "Tangerine", and "Gasoline".
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Anything created; anything not self-existent; especially, any being created with life; an animal; a man.
a self-existing object, not requiring anything else for its completion
anything that is created whether animate or inanimate
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a non- static placeable object that is mobile
non-character species native to Atriana.
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a sprite that's alive, i
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Creature is a 1985 film directed by William Malone.
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A person who owes his rise and fortune to another; a servile dependent; an instrument; a tool.
a person who is controlled by others and is used to perform unpleasant or dishonest tasks for someone else
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A general term among farmers for horses, oxen, etc.
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Man is a creature of habit.
a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
a living or otherwise active being, not an object
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a term reserved for a permanent
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a drug-taking, long-haired homosexual.
a condition that names masses and sometimes more specifically a
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See Cell.