Definitions for "That"
a group of sampoorNa scales, taxonomical scheme for Hindustani rAgas
Parent-scale or scale type for classification of raga-s proposed by Pandit Bhatkhande.
A system created by Pandit Bhatkande in the 1920's in order to classify all ragas into one of ten parent scales. Although flawed in certain respects the system acts as a good starting point for learning ragas containing varying notes.
As a demonstrative pronoun (pl. Those), that usually points out, or refers to, a person or thing previously mentioned, or supposed to be understood. That, as a demonstrative, may precede the noun to which it refers; as, that which he has said is true; those in the basket are good apples.
As an adjective, that has the same demonstrative force as the pronoun, but is followed by a noun.
As a relative pronoun, that is equivalent to who or which, serving to point out, and make definite, a person or thing spoken of, or alluded to, before, and may be either singular or plural.
To introduce a clause employed as the object of the preceding verb, or as the subject or predicate nominative of a verb.
To introduce, a reason or cause; -- equivalent to for that, in that, for the reason that, because.
To introduce a purpose; -- usually followed by may, or might, and frequently preceded by so, in order, to the end, etc.
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See sansthana.