Definitions for "Verb"
A word; a vocable.
A word which affirms or predicates something of some person or thing; a part of speech expressing being, action, or the suffering of action.
A part of speech denoting action, occurrence, or existence (state of being). Verbs are words such as notify or write. Verb-making suffixes are -ize and -ify: terror, a noun, becomes terrorize, terrify, verbs; real, an adjective, becomes realize, a verb.
an accessible and illuminating book on the Kabbalah, the ancient Jewish mystical tradition
a composite significant sound involving the idea of time, with parts which (just as in the Noun) have no significance by themselves in it
a composite significant sound, marking time, in which, as in the noun, no part is in itself significant
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See: selector
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a means of interaction with objects
a named MOO program that is associated with a particular object
an "instance method", or a method residing on an object, which when invoked automatically knows which object it was invoked for
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a common head in a TMR frame
a formatted request that a transaction program issues and APPC executes
an operator which can be executed
a vital manual of revolutionary thought
an encapsulation of a user interaction with the system--a record of an event that causes state in the service to be changed or externalized (exposed to an external observer)
a practical guide to help us recognize the importance of relationships in our daily lives
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an operator saying something is or acts.
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a sign for this set