Definitions for "Relationships"
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The controlled vocabulary (or thesaurus) details the relationship of terms with one another. There are three kinds of relationships. Equivalency: where terms refer to the same concept; for example, cat and feline can be considered as equivalent. Equivalency is the kind of connection between terms in a synonym ring or between preferred terms and variant terms. Hierarchical: where terms are hierarchically arranged from Broad Term (BT) to Narrow Term (NT). The term at the top is called the Top Term (TT) Associative: where terms are associated with each other but are not hierarchical or equivalent. They are said to be Related (RT).
Religion and Spirituality Sexuality
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Phonological awareness and print awareness.
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regular, on-going contacts between businesses and their customers (625)
Regular, ongoing contacts between businesses and their customers. p. 630
Define how objects are impacted by change documents and other Configuration Items. The build process captures relationships between input and output Configuration Items.
connections between God and others as family, based upon the promises, commitment and actions; interactions with others.
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