Definitions for "Customers"
Industrial, agricultural, large retail, commercial and residential.
People who lack the patience and understanding to appreciate how hard it is to run a business in Belgium. By treating them with the disrespect that they deserve you will force them to appreciate the personal sacrifices that those in Belgian service industries are making for them. Adopt the maxim "the customer is always wrong" and your business will flourish.
Adult learners and others-employers, community organizations, legislators, and other key system stakeholders-who benefit directly from a system that prepares adult learners to meet the four purposes of EFF. (Stein, 1997, p.29.)
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a new level of assurance that each new CA product release and service pack for selected system-level CA products has been certified on an IBM RSU level of z/OS
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Both clients and audience
Recipients of social support payments or outputs.
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an important next step for the market and us
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See Project Customer(s)