Definitions for "Outputs"
The products resulting from an activity. They facilitate the meeting of the outcomes.
Indications that something has been done – e.g., workshop held, pamphlet developed, condoms distributed. The tangible results that the project management team should be able to guarantee. Outputs are generally delivered within specified time frame.
The physical products, or measurable results, of Action Plans or projects
The defined results of a process, usually expected to be measurable numerically, or else in some predetermined or "proxy measure" way. These might, for example, be financial – income from tickets sold, or demographic, such as audience/visitor numbers or social reach achieved.
What is to be produced, delivered or provided under a contract or SLA. Outputs should always be measurable and monitored.
Jacks normally situated on the back of an amp that allow one or more auxiliary speakers to be attached.
Results of operational processes. (example is a television news story)
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Connection on a component that sends a signal to another component via cable.
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P value
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see "Results".