Definitions for "Speakers"
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Megi government officials. Each city-state has three Speakers, one from each caste.
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A peripheral that produces sound from audio signals generated by the computer. See also sound card. Speakers are usually measured by how accurately they reproduce sound, how powerful they are (how loud they can go), how many channels they support (for surround sound) and what input types they support.
Allow PC to output sound and music etc.
Output devices that produce sound.
Finally, hardware that does something you all should know, you might even be listening to some tunes right now while reading this fountain of information. computer hardware definitions
People who train or teach by delivering lectures or presentations.
A few plasma screens come with built-in speakers, but most sell them separately. The speakers provided by the manufacturer are generally the best looking speaker option available, as they're designed to match the screen itself. The option to control the audio volume using the remote control is normally standard but if using other speakers this option may not be available. Unlike conventional televisions, Plasma TV’s are not affected by magnetic fields.
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as in “non speakers”. Not speaking to someone.