Definitions for "Output"
The power, voltage, or current produced by a device to generate or regulate electrical power; as, the power supply had a maximum output of 250 milliamps.
The data or information produced by operation of a computer program or subroutine for transfer to another program or to an external device. The output of one program may be used as the input to another program.
The place that the audio signal goes out of a piece of equipment. Examples would be the speaker output from an amplifier or the tape output from a mixer.
The materials, profits, or information produced by any system.
where the information from a system is stored or printed. These items include reports, screens, files, etc.
End result of a process on a computer, which could be a printed document, a converted file, or a modified document.
The amount or quantity of a material or product that is produced by a mine, factory, or any system for production of commercial goods, such as the amount of coal or ore put out from one or more mines, or the quantity of material produced by, or turned out from, one or more furnaces or mills, in a given time; production.
That which is thrown out as products of the metabolic activity of the body; the egesta other than the fæces. See Income.
Product or service delivery/implementation targets you aim to produce.
The direct results of an intervention, a ‘deliverable' for which management is responsible.
A deliverable created by the project which is needed outside of the project.
The deliverable from each stage of a scrutiny, normally a report.
The number resulting from the application of a rule used by an imaginary function machine to process numbers.
a data set that results from the processing of a job step
in terms of direction in an ultrasonic system, that direction away from the power source and toward the process.
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Something going out of the Land Titles System that originates from within the Land Titles System.
The amount of something produced by a system or process during a given span of time.
Something published by eXe, e.g. a SCORM package, or a website.
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The part of a timing device that accomplishes the switching action. Can be a relay or solid state device. Rated by current carrying capacity and maximum voltage allowed.
The value in voltage and current at the output connections of a unit.
The voltage and current of an EDM power supply.
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n. Boyfriend, male companion.
Immediate measures of what the program did. FOR EXAMPLE, the output of a drug enforcement team may include the amount of marijuana shipments seized, the number of drug rings investigated, and the number of drug arrests made.
Number of services performed by an activity within a program.
The output ratings of boilers are measured in BTU's (British Thermal Units) or kW (Kilowatts). A low output would be 30/60,000 BTU's (10-17kW). A high output would be 60/100,000 BTU's (17-30kW). Your installer should choose the output best suited to the size of your heating system, the type of property and, in the case of a combination boiler, the amount of hot water you require.
an action identifier which in turns drives interactions with autonomous virtual humans in the Behavioral Interaction Testbed
a histogram indicating the number of database sequences at any given initial score
a sequence of comments
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a clue as to how to avoid the start-up transient
Resulting data generated, or actions performed by the System.
data source DataSource that encapsulates a Processor object's output.
Data that flows out of a connection. Typically this represents the data going toward the customer.
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Video and audio that is ready for playback and distribution. Your edited program in Final Cut Pro can be output to tape as a QuickTime file or any one of a variety of different digital media.
text as it appears (or will appear) on the final printed result.
the final results of a program
an excellent choice for daytime lighting
actions decided by central nervous system.
the end result of a system that must meet the specification.
The actual result obtained from a system (e.g., the light that comes on when the light switch on an electrical system is pressed)
The jack on the end of the microphone for connecting to a cable that leads to a mixer or amplifier.
The rate at which water is expelled from the aperture. Output is typically reported as mL/sec or oz./sec.
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A value or a set of values (pattern), generated by the neurons of a neural net's output layer. Used to calculate the current error value of the net.
Refers to how much amplification is being put out by a hearing aid
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a huge weight (and cost) penalty per watt
an industry standard, so the customer is likely to be familiar with it if he is asking for this option
a physical change (e
A physical change or an entity imposed on or released to the environment as a result of an action or an activity.
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an objective when it is realized
The frequency the repeater transmits on; the frequency that a repeater user receives on.
A variable (whether stored within a component or outside it) that is written to by the component.
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a tree picture in the format you have specified
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an actual word appearing in the text
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See Performance Indicator.
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work order cost
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see OPEN