Definitions for "Booster"
an immunizing medication given after an initial immunizing treatment, to provide increased or extended immunity. Also called booster dose. When in the form of an injection, it may be called a booster shot.
A second or later dose of a vaccine given to increase the immune response to the original dose.
a subsequent vaccine dose given to enhance the immune response to the original vaccine antigens.
the first stage of a multistage rocket, providing all or part of the driving force at lift-off and until the second stage ignites, whether or not the booster stage is detached after the fuel is spent. Also called booster rocket. In some cases, a booster has been used to assist the takeoff of airplanes.
Boosters are added to a launcher to provide the main thrust at liftoff - they consist of a casing containing the propellant, a solid rocket motor and additional equipment such as the igniter and the forward skirt equipped with a recovery system Etage d'accéleration à poudre (EAP)
A powerful rocket that quickly gets a missle up to speed.
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Also referred to as a soaker. This is a separate pad laid into the nappy to provide additional absorbency when required such as long car rides, night time nappy, and heavy wetter's.
an extra pad to put into the nappy to give extra absorbency.
Where one is interested in the views of young people, for example, an extra sample may be selected to investigate the responses specific to that group. Extra sample points may be selected to investigate the responses of specific groups within the universe dataset. These points are picked so that they are biased towards a specified group within the population and help to highlight the responses of the specific group under investigation.
an explosive charge which is more powerful than a primer, used in conjunction with a primer to assure detonation of the main charge. Integrated blasting caps containing separate compartments for primer and booster are used as detonators for certain explosives.
The final high-explosive component of an explosive train that amplifies the detonation from the lead or detonator. Thus, a booster charge reliably detonates the main high-explosive charge of the munition
a high-explosive material
any auxiliary device or part of a device to provide increased power, force, or effectiveness, as with a pumping device.
An additional sample which increases the number of interviews with a specific (sub) group.
A device inserted into a line or cable to increase the voltage.
A compressor used to raise pressure in a gas or oil pipeline.
A term used for the first stage compressor in a cascading system.
a fan, pump or compressor that supplements systems that serve processes that have infrequent peaks or upset conditions
In prototype railroading, a small secondary steam engine which assists and increases starting power. Some trailing trucks and tender wheels featured boosters which automatically cut off after a certain speed had been reached.
a temporary boost to the output speed of a ship's engine
A secondary steam engine provided on a locomotive's trailing axle or tender to assist with train starting. As a result of the fact that a boiler's maximum capacity for steam generation is normally only tested when a train is running at top speed or working up a long steep gradient, extra steam is available at starting. To assist with starting a heavy train, some locomotives were provided with boosters.
Boosters receive the DCC signal from the Command Station, amplify it & put it on the track as the power that runs the locos. You can have several boosters on a system, each driving its own track section. You can have both regular or auto reversing boosters depending on your needs. Also called Power Booster, Power Station
A television or FM broadcast station, operating at relatively low power that receives a distant input signal, amplifies it, and retransmits it on the same channel.
Power device that multiplies the physical pressure a driver ned exert when operating the brake pedal or steering wheel.
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The ring directly behind the south side of Wilson Hall surrounding the cooling pond. Protons are accelerated here to 8 GeV for injection into the Main Ring.
n. Any gang member who displays a strong affinity for cyberware.
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"Kick in our second booster within 50 metrons." (LP)
A product that enhances the soil and stain removal, brightening, buffering and water softening performance of detergents. Boosters are used in the wash in addition to the detergent.
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a thief who steals goods that are in a store
A plate not intended for registration purposes, usually attached to the front of the car. Often advertises a specific pace or event. Often used by car dealerships in jurisdictions where there isn't any front plate.
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See Backless child restraint, Belt-positioning booster, Combination seat, Shield booster.
An instrument for regulating the electro-motive force in an alternating-current circuit; -- so called because used to "boost", or raise, the pressure in the circuit.
A machine which aspirates gas which has already been compressed and delivers the same at higher pressure.
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a great idea and I'm surprised they are not more commonly used
an enthusiastic supporter.
someone who is an active supporter and advocate
a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
a mechanical or vacuum device that is attached to the master cylinder in
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a one-use device that lets you warp to any other sector in space
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calculator + camera