Definitions for "Interceptor "
A fighter aircraft designed to quickly take-off, climb and intercept airborne targets.
a fast maneuverable fighter plane designed to intercept enemy aircraft
a plane that finds enemy aircraft and stops them from bombing targets
Conduit at downstream end of a combined sewer that carries sewage to a treatment plant.
A device permanently installed in the line of an effluent flow to remove free phase oil from water. Floating oil is typically separated from the water by means of a series of baffles.
Device for separating grease and oil from drainage system. See grease trap.
Interceptor is an innovative shoot'em'up implemented in spirit of the great games of the 80's.
Interceptor was a United Kingdom game show created by Jacques Antoine and produced by Chatsworth Television for Thames Television in 1989, and shown on the ITV network during that summer, with the last episode airing on January 1, 1990. It succeeded Treasure Hunt in production, and preceded The Crystal Maze.
Hailed as the fastest ship in the Caribbean, the HMS Interceptor is first seen when Jack Sparrow attempts to board it (with the intention of stealing it) while most of the Royal Navy is attending Commodore James Norrington's promotion ceremony. After Will Turner frees him from prison, Jack schemes to commandeer the Interceptor by pretending to hijack Norrington's command ship, the Dauntless, anchored in Port Royal's outer bay. While witnessing Jack's seemingly inept attempt to steal his vessel, Norrington proclaims Sparrow the worst pirate he's ever seen and sails out on the Interceptor to apprehend him.
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Interceptor is a KDE
a method that intercepts a business method invocation
an assembly line type of pattern that allows for transformation of a method invocation and/or return values
a party eavesdropping on communications INTERNAL MARKET DG Internal Market, the Directorate General of the European Commission which is one of the essential cornerstones of the European Union. The internal market is the culmination of the Treaty of Rome which provided for the creation of a "common market" based on the free movement of goods, persons, services and capital. Reflecting the construction of Europe in the broadest sense of the term, the idea of unifying the markets ties in with the objective of economic and political integration. The Treaty establishing the European Community (the EC Treaty) provides for the activities of the Community to include "a system ensuring that competition in the internal market is not distorted" and "the approximation of the laws of Member States to the extent required for the functioning of the common market". In addition, the accompanying policies, such as environmental protection and social policy, play important roles in the functioning of the internal market. INTERNET PROTOCOL - IP The rules governing how computers on the Internet communicate and share information.
a pseudo proxy server that performs HTTP diagnostics and lets you view, log and modify the communications between your browser and the Internet
(vacuum tank) Dairy: An interceptor vessel situated on the main airline immediately upstream from the vacuum pump to prevent liquid or foreign matter gaining access to the pump.
A small plate on the upper surface of a slotted wing. It is situated immediately behind the slot and is used to counteract or "spoil" the extra lift when the aileron behind it goes up. The interceptor remains down when the aileron moves downwards and is automatically raised when the aileron moves upwards.
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Interceptor - Mac OS X filesystem control. Interceptor uses a kernel extension to block write and delete accesses to the user's filesystem, and presents a simple alert allowing the user to allow or deny the write or delete. Requires Mac OS X
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an Aspect with only one advice named "invoke"
a software mechanism that provides the hooks that are needed to introduce additional code dynamically into the execution path of an application
Same as intercepter.