Definitions for "Retention"
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The act of retaining, or the state of being ratined.
The power of retaining; retentiveness.
The right of withholding a debt, or of retaining property until a debt due to the person claiming the right be duly paid; a lien.
The act of withholding; retraint; reserve.
An amount of money withheld from the mortgage advance until certain work has been carried out to the property. Generally this has been identified as a result of the survey. Alternatively a lender could impose a retention pending other requirements contained as conditions within the mortgage offer.
This relates to monies withheld by lenders until certain mortgage conditions are met. This will normally relate to repairs or improvements to the property that the lender is insisting on.
refers to a type of process which completely halts the downstream progress of stormwater runoff. This is normally accomplished by employing methods of total containment which generally involve the creation of storage areas that incorporate infiltration devices, such as dry wells, to dispose of stored STORM WATER via percolation over some specified period of time thereby eliminating upstream contributions to downstream stormwater runoff peaks or volumes.
practices which capture stormwater and release it slowly though infiltration into the ground. See also detention.
(See Disposal).
a failure to void urine due to obstruction, nervous contraction of the urethra, or absence of sensation of the desire to urinate
The inability to pass urine, even when the sensations are present to void. This can be acute and very painful or chronic and painless depending on the cause. Can be relieved with Self Intermittent Catheterisation (See relevant section)
Difficulty in initiation of urination or the inability to completely empty the bladder.
See persistency. TO TOP
Retention refers to the tendency for a learned performance to persist following periods without practice (i.e., memory).
in the context of enrolment, the rate at which students continue in a program; in the context of language proficiency, the long-term maintenance of acquired language skills
Building loyalty with customers to ensure they repeat purchase.
Continued business from a customer.
means simply keeping customers and not losing them to competitors. Modern companies realise that it's far more expensive to find new customers than keep existing ones, and so put sufficient investment into looking after and growing existing accounts. Less sensible companies find themselves spending a fortune winning new customers, while they lose more business than they gain because of poor retention activity. (The hole in the bucket syndrome, where it leaks out faster than it can be poured in.)
The reference made to keeping members of the local chapter active members in the Jaycee organization.
Of a received chain letter, keeping it in an undamaged state, accessible for copying. CLEVO
The circulation function of acquiring and keeping paid subscriptions through renewal marketing promotions and billing efforts.
The amount of liability assumed by the insurance company and not re-insured. Insurance companies typically earmark and hold a portion of insurance premiums as a hedge against planned or unexpected expenses. Some examples for uses of “retention” are: claim payment services, contract and booklet preparation, actuarial services, charge for broker commissions and consultant fees, risk charge, profit for the carrier, and reserve against unusual large claim occurrences.
The dollar amount that an Insured assumes as its own liability and which is not insured ("self-insured retention"). A retention functions similar to a deductible as in the retention is the amount of the loss that the Insured is responsible to pay.
Process by which a portion of a property or liability loss is absorbed by the business, typically in the form of a deductible, rather than being transferred to others, such as an insurance company.
Maintaining the services and commitment of existing volunteers.
Refers to the length of time volunteer stem cell donors remain on the Registry and are able to be located, are in good health and are still willing to donate.
The measurement of unique users who return to the same site or page over a given time. PC Data Online, for example, measures it as "the percentage of a site's traffic during the previous month that also came back during the current month."
The percentage held back by a debtor on a service contract to ensure adequate performance.
The number of units allocated to an underwriting syndicate member less the units held back by the syndicate manager for facilitating institutional sales and for allocation to nonmember firms.
(Bit rate retention) is a characteristic of a bit sync in which after acquiring an NRZ signal, the bit sync will correctly time bits during long sequences of no transitions without any bit slips. Usually measured by a statistical count of the number of bits of no transitions before a bit slip occurs within a otherwise random sequence transmitted every n bits.
That which contains something, as a tablet; a ???? of preserving impressions.
Preserving a business interest or the next generation of a family at the death of an owner who is in an older generation.
Ability of the presenter to keep the interest of past audiences by continued effort of offering them quality programming.
The electoral process by which voters decide whether judges will continue to serve another term in their current judicial capacity.
getting key information from a text into long-term memory for later retrieval. Comprehension is a key element, since readers can better remember what they genuinely understand, but most retention strategies are done during the "after reading" phase of the reading process. Strategies include summarizing, outlining, mapping, and reciting.
Deductible that each department must pay, per incident, (not per item) in the event of a theft or property damage claim. The department gets reimbursed for the replacement value of the item less the retention. (MIT Accounting Definition)
How many days information is kept available - most commonly used to describe how long Usenet newsgroups remain available, sometimes used to describe how long unread email is kept online
The amount of time, in days, that inactive backed-up or archived files are kept in the storage pool before they are deleted. Copy group attributes and default retention grace periods for the domain define retention.
The ability of wire cloth, as a filter medium, to prevent the passage of solids. It is expressed by the diameter (usually in microns) of the largest spherical solid particle that will normally pass through.
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Place of custody or confinement.
Retention refers to the process of conserving data or information in a secure or intact manner, usually for a defined period of time, after which it may be destroyed.
a percentage of the amount of filler in the finished sheet relative to what was added into the furnish
(Or disposition) – The range of processes associated with implementing records retention, destruction or transfer decisions which are documented in disposition authorities or other instruments.
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the weight of fluid remaining after a freely swollen fibre, yarn or fabric is subjected to a pressure of 0.5 lb/in2.
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Failure of drainage of a hollow organ.
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see urinary retention
Renewing of an individual's membership for another year.
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Retention rate Retire
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The survival of a memory over some period of time.
refers to a student's completion of a particular course in a particular term.
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Remaining in the same grade level for more than one year.