Definitions for "Patronage"
Special countenance or support; favor, encouragement, or aid, afforded to a person or a work; as, the patronage of letters; patronage given to an author.
The right of nomination to political office; also, the offices, contracts, honors, etc., which a public officer may bestow by favor.
The number of people carried by the passenger train during a specified period.
The right of presentation to church or ecclesiastical benefice; advowson.
specifically, the right of presenting a clergyman to church
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Français : Clientèle Deutsch : Kundschaft, Fahrgäste
Guardianship, as of a saint; tutelary care.
Collectively, all patrons using, intending to use or have used the transit system.
a communication that indicates lack of respect by patronizing the recipient
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To act as a patron of; to maintain; to defend.