Definitions for "Democratization"
The effort to institutionalize democratic political regimes more fully and deeply, especially in countries with limited democratic processes. Analyses often try to measure the extent of democratic consolidation and to specify the political, economic and social conditions conducive to further democratization.
the process of adopting democratic characteristics. A country is considered to be democratizing when it adopts one or more of the following features: (a) government policy is made by officials chosen through free, fair, and periodic elections in which a substantial proportion of the adult population can vote; (b) actions of officials are constrained by constitutional provisions and commitments to civil liberties; and (c) government candidates sometimes lose elections and leave office when they do. Freedom of speech, freedom to organize, to contest elections, and to present varied viewpoints in the media are preconditions for fair elections.
change of governing system to government by the people, characterized by majority rule, often following deposition of an authoritarian regime in developing countries, and frequently accompanied by devolution to a locally controlled education system
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the action of making something democratic