Definitions for "Bureaucracy"
An organisation in which people are expected to operate within a defined role, not being swayed by or showing any emotion. Developed in the late nineteenth century by sociologists as the ideal organisational machine free from the paternalism and nepotism that characterised many organisations at the time. Bureaucracies only operate successfully where they allow emotions to play some part in actions, for example, the development of a mission statement, apologising with feeling to a complainant.
A form of organization marked by division of labor, hierarchy, rules and regulations and impersonal relationships.
Organizations that implement government policies.
A system of carrying on the business of government by means of departments or bureaus, each under the control of a chief, in contradiction to a system in which the officers of government have an associated authority and responsibility; also, government conducted on this system.
Government officials, collectively; -- used especially of nonelected government officials.
the bulk of the state's administrative structure that continues when leaders change.
a misguided attempt to punish a corporation that lawfully discharged PCBs thirty years ago, not a sensible effort to advance public health or the ecosystem of the river
Bureaucracy is an interactive fiction computer game released by Infocom in 1987, scripted by popular comic science fiction author Douglas Adams. It is Infocom's twenty-fourth game.
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A perpetual inertia machine.
an unelected branch in a democratic political system
a bigger obstacle to opening the space frontier than technology or funding
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a servo-mechanism