Definitions for "REFORM"
a relatively recent branch of Judaism that accepts the Torah as the word of G-d, but unlike the Orthodox Jewish community, feels that it is not faultless or eternal. The Torah was written down by humans living a long time ago and therefore is an interpretation of G-d's word through flawed vessels. They attempt to follow the spirit of the Torah while accepting that the letter of the law may change according to changes in society.
One of the major movements of Judaism, believing that Jewish law was inspired by God and one can choose which laws to follow.
Movement that aims to combine Jewish tradition with modernity.
To put into a new and improved form or condition; to restore to a former good state, or bring from bad to good; to change from worse to better; to amend; to correct; as, to reform a profligate man; to reform corrupt manners or morals.
To return to a good state; to amend or correct one's own character or habits; as, a man of settled habits of vice will seldom reform.
Amendment of what is defective, vicious, corrupt, or depraved; reformation; as, reform of elections; reform of government.
self-improvement in behavior or morals by abandoning some vice; "the family rejoiced in the drunkard's reform"
bring, lead, or force to abandon a wrong or evil course of life, conduct, and adopt a right one; "The Church reformed me"; "reform your conduct"
Reform is an evangelical organisation within Anglicanism, active in the Church of England and the Church of Ireland. Reform (England) describes itself as a "network of churches and individuals within the Church of England, committed to the reform of ourselves, our congregation and our world by the gospel".
Modern movement encouraging changing traditional ways to accommodate contempory needs.
a change in current relations that falls short of overcoming underlying defining structures
a change in the system which doesn't alter its defining relations
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a "top legislative priority" for HUD
a "top legislative priority for me this year," he said
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a fight for racial justice and civil rights
a social phenomenon where people from all caste and communities will have to be motivated to join
an excellent example of our successes in this area
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A thing that mostly satisfies reformers opposed to reformation.
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break up the molecules of; "reform oil"
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a gradual process
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produce by cracking; "reform gas"
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a matter on which both sides of the House should agree