Definitions for "Hasidim"
Keywords:  sect, orthodox, essenes, shem, pious
Literally, "pious ones". May refer to a medeival German sect, but usually used in reference to a particular Orthodox movement founded by Israel Ba'al Shem Tov in Poland in the late 17th century. There is an emphasis on the joy of prayer, ecstatic prayer, and also the notion of bringing Kabbalah to everyone in some form. There are various sects which follow different rebbes as thier leaders, such as the Lubavitcher, Satmar, and Bratslavers. adj., Hasidic, sing. Hasid.
(Hebrew): Hebrew terms derived from a noun which means goodness or kindness. It refers to a movement which began in medieval Europe. While not opposed to Jewish law (halakhah), the hasidic movement particularly stressed a spiritual life of piety and ethical conduct. Hassidic Music refers to modern modern (post–18th century). It begun with the teachings of Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov (the "Besht", 1700–1760) and was disseminated by his followers, starting in the Ukraine and subsequently spreading throughout Eastern Europe.
Sect Of The Essenes, Ultra-Orthodox
A group devoted to Torah that supported the Maccabees in the early stages of the revolution.