Definitions for "Chanukah"
A festival in which the right of every person to follow their own religion is celebrated. During Chanukah, many foods are cooked in oil, and doughnuts and 'Jewish chips,' or potato pancakes are popular. Many games are also played during this time.
pronounced "hah-na-kah", this eight day long holiday occurs during December. This holiday commemorates a great victory in Jewish history allowing the Jewish people to freely perform their religious functions.
"dedication" The minor winter festival celebrating the victory of the Maccabees over the forces of Antiochus in the 2nd cent. BCE as recounted in the apocryphal books, I and II Macc. Observance includes cumulatively lighting candles or oil wicks in a eight-branched candelabra, known as a Chanukkiah, on eight consecutive nights; a ninth candle or wick, the "Shamash" (servant), is used to light the others.