Definitions for "Lag B'Omer"
Keywords:  omer, pesach, rabbi, picnic, akiva
The 33rd day of the Omer count. On this day, the plague that had been afflicting the students of Rabbi Akiva ended. In celebration, the mourning restrictions of the Omer period are lifted. Traditionally, schoolchildren are taken on outings and families picnic around bonfires on this day.
(lahg be-OH-mer) n. The 33rd day of counting the Omer (called S'firat Ha'Omer) from Pesach to Sukkot (on the 18th of Iyyar). A Semi-holiday en route to Sukkot (and the celebration of the giving of the Torah on Sukkot). Lag B'Omer is characterized by a day of outings. In Israel and throughout the Diaspora, the day is celebrated with picnics, ballgames, and mock bow-and-arrow play-fighting. It is a scholar's holiday and is noteworthy because during this time persecution of the Jews ceased. Note the use of the gershayim (Lamed = 30; Gimmel= 3).
Jewish observation of the counting of the day – the link – between Pesach and Shavout.