Definitions for "ROSH HA-SHANAH"
Keywords:  tishri, jewish, hebrew, shanah, challah
Heb. (New Year) The head of the year (1 Tishri) which begins the cycle of yearly events but is not the first month of the Hebrew calendar.
the Jewish New Year, one of the holiest days of the year.
The Jewish New Year is a serious occasion. Jews believe their acts and thoughts have all been written in the Book of Life. It is read on the first day, and their fate for the year can be decided. However, during the following ten days of solemn worship, Jews can ask to be forgiven for their sins. Traditional foods are eaten on the eve of Rosh Ha-shanah: challah, white braided loaf of bread dipped in honey , and apples dipped in honey. Honey symbolizes families' hopes for a sweet life in the new year.