Definitions for "Bar Mitzvah"
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"son/daughter of commandment" One who is fully obligated to learn to observe the mitzvot of the Torah.
(lit., "one obligated to fulfill the commandments"): used to refer to the age when this obligation becomes incumbent on a person and also to the celebration marking that occasion
Bat Mitzvah "Son / daughter of (i.e., offspring belonging to) commandment." A youth who has reached the age of thirteen (for girls, sometimes twelve), the age of religious majority at which one is responsible for one's actions and keeping the precepts of the Torah. By extension, the synagogue ceremony in which the youth first reads from the Torah. (Although in Orthodox congregations women may not read from the Torah, the Bat Mitzvah ceremony is sometimes observed by a weekday recitation of appropriate scriptural passages and prayers.) (Note: "son" in Hebrew is "ben", but "bar" is Aramaic, the everyday language of the area around the Holy Land from the first century C.E. onwards.)
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a very important milestone, and the Jewi
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