Definitions for "Event"
That which comes, arrives, or happens; that which falls out; any incident, good or bad.
The consequence of anything; the issue; conclusion; result; that in which an action, operation, or series of operations, terminates.
In object-oriented programming, a message that causes a procedure (subprogram) attached to the object to respond. The event may be a keystroke or the click of a mouse button.
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Handling in JDK1.1+ 2006-04-18 Java Gotchas. 2006-04-18
Handling in JDK1.1+ 2006-04-18 Java Gotchas. 2006-07-31
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The first tier of the IMP designed to show the completion of a program phase. Gates that, when successfully fulfilled, demonstrate that the program has completed the past phase or enters into the next phase.
A milestone, a signal, the completion of something that is of interest to an object, a process, or a system
Information sent to certain users that something in the managed environment has changed. Events are generated from SNMP traps and are preconfigured in this release. HP SIM receives a trap when an important event occurs. Events are defined as: Warning. Events of this type indicate a state that might become a problem. Informational. Events of this type require no attention and are provided as useful information. Normal. Events of this type indicate that this event is not a problem. Minor. Events of this type indicate a warning condition that can escalate into a more serious problem. Major. Events of this type indicate an impending failure. Critical. Events of this type indicate a failure and signal the need for immediate attention.
The outcome of a trial.
Often refers to the outcome of probability. Answers questions like 'What is the probability the spinner will land on red?'
In probability, a set of outcomes.
From Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) Version 2.0 ( 2004-03-16) A notification "thrown" by the implementation platform , VoiceXML interpreter context , VoiceXML interpreter , or VoiceXML code. Events include exceptional conditions (semantic errors), normal errors (user did not say something recognizable), normal events (user wants to exit), and user defined events.
A collection of data that represents a entity of some sort, such as a purchase order, an activity notification, a request, etc. Within an integration context, an event is the basic unit of data that is exchanged between processes or systems. The terms event, document and message are often used interchangeably.
In Event Management, the notification that an expression evaluated to true. This evaluation occurs each time an instance of a resource variable is observed.
A scheduled presentation of a Symposium or Conference session.
Summits, symposia, or conferences with current or potential customer invitees, focusing on content designed to improve sales or customer relations with this or a related audience/market group.
An event may be a conference, meeting, seminar, exhibition or other type of gathering relevant to the subject coverage of FreshwaterLife.
In the Olympic Games, one bodyweight category's competition (e.g. Category 48kg, women), which can be held in one group (Group A) or in two groups (Group B and Group A).
All rounds of a specific category of competition, classified by: Eligibility Class: Amateur, Professional, Pro-Am, Regulated Athlete, Amateur Coach, etc. Dance Style: International Standard, International Latin, American Smooth, American Rhythm, etc. Proficiency Level: Bronze, Silver, Novice, Championship, Gold, Prechampionship, World Class, etc. Age Level: Junior, Adult, Senior, etc.
Competition in which riders compete in dressage, cross-country, and stadium jumping at levels from Baby-novice to Advanced.
An official activity of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. ("SCA"), which is covered by the insurance policy of the SCA. All participants at events are required to be in Medieval or Renaissance garb. In order to have fencing activities, an event must have a warranted fencing Marshal-in-Charge, and all of the Rapier Combat Rules must be in effect.
A entry with an associated date and time in a calendar. For example, an event might be a new meeting or appointment on a calendar.
Generation of data for an event reference. For Sun ONE Calendar Server, this occurs when there is a change in a resource (calendar). For iPlanet Messaging Server, there is a list of events that occur ( NewMsg, DeleteMsg, and so on).
A race or series of races in a given stroke and distance. Usually swimmers are entered in two to four individual events and one relay per day at meets.
A race or stroke over a given distance. An event equals 1 preliminary with its final, or 1 timed final.
The underlying league, match, game, race, etc. that determines the expiry price of the contract.
A loose term used to describe the cause of the completion of a request to an event source. See also: event source  asynchronous request
The synchronous or asynchronous invocation of an FTAM function.
Clients are informed of information asynchronously by means of events. Events are grouped into types. A client must express interest in an event in order to receive that event from the server.
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A message containing attributes describing a particular condition in the network.
The smallest piece of a Virtual Case Scenario, events are created and controlled by the instructor. They can take the form of a message posted to a group board; a link, image, or file for your participants to view; or a decision for your participants to make. You can read more about events.
A global message issued by the MDSplus command SETEVENT. Events are used to synchronize data acquisition and analysis.
A change of state in HEX API, for instance when a data element arrives or a server is down. Client applications should check for arriving HEX API events and call HEX_ProcessEvent() when a HEX API event has been detected.
DataSplice events correspond to data modification events. These are Insert, Update, and Delete. Events are fired on the server when the remote application attempts to commit a change to a piece of data. This can occur either when the user makes the modification (online) or when the remote client is synchronizing multiple modifications at reconnect (offline). More Information
An integration point used to pattern the publish/subscribe model. An event has associated data that is the common view of all the data to be exchanged through this event. An event can be published or subscribed by an application.
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The sporting event on which the PlayFive game is based. This may be a single event (e.g. Daytona 500) or a series of events (e.g. the 15 games of NFL week 9). Event Start The event start time is the same as the entry deadline. All player game picks are due prior to the start of an event.
A single program, usually Pay Per View, that is part of the DIRECTV program schedule (e.g., movie, sports event, special, concert, etc.)
Named actions that you register with the Netscape Application Server. The event occurs either when a timer expires or when the event is called from application code at run time. Typical uses for events include periodic backups, reconciling accounts at the end of the business day, or sending alert messages.
An alert.
TIMER programmed EVENT RECORDing.
A grouping of elementary broadcast streams with a defined start and end time belonging to a common service, e.g. first half of a football match.
Any unit of a game that impacts the likelihood of scoring. The most common examples are an at-bat in baseball, a play in football, or a possession in basketball.
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meeting, daily note, or day event. Meetings are associated with specific times of the day. Daily notes and day events are associated with an entire day.
A single instance of a scheduled presentation (class meeting or session) of a live Centra Event.
a meeting open to Harbour Lights collectors. It is usually a 'store event' with either Bill Younger or an area Rep in attendance. Other 'Events' might be regional gatherings of collectors or a ' Reunion'. MORE INFO
In the context used on this site only, any LARP event that is not an adventure, banquet, moot or festival.
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Français :Événement Deutsch : Ereignis
The fundamental entity of observed physical reality represented by a point designated by three coordinates of place and one of time in the space-time continuum postulated by the theory of relativity.  Or, a fundraiser held for a legislator to raise money.  Events are tracked in the Requests module.
In philosophy, events are objects in time or instantiations of properties in objects. However, a definite definition has not been reached, as three theories exist concerning events.
Conventional and approximate term as mind state or experiential fact of the idema.
The term “Event” shall mean (i) Web4minds receipt of notice from Registration Company, a third party or the Developer, challenging or opposing the Domain Name of the Customer Web Site or use and operation of the Customer Web Site; (ii) Web4minds receipt of notice from a third party challenging the use of the Materials or the Content; or (iii) Customer nonpayment of an invoice.
A contest between two or more players or teams.
Any individual contest.
A contest of one or more sessions.
A planned, educational opportunity for 4-H members to learn through group participation. It is learning by doing. Events are held at the club, county, regional, state, and national levels. Examples of club and county events are camps, fairs, exhibit days, judging, fashion reviews, demonstrations, fun nights, recognition dinners, and similar programs.
A gathering of players for the express purpose of playing Exile. Usually events last about 2 days (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) but sometimes they may last longer.
A single activity that is recorded in Best 4 Diabetes. The four types of events are: Measure Medicine Food Miscellaneous
point in time when all the activities have been completed which lead into the node under consideration (cf. activity and task ). From Field and Keller, Project Management
An alarm activation or de-activation.
Messages sent from one node to another as defined by a Route. Events signal changes to field values, external stimuli, interactions between nodes, etc.
A geographic feature occurring on or along a linear feature. There are three event types: linear, continuous, and point. For example, a left lane closure on route I-10 from the 1.5 to 2.1 mileposts is a linear event. A continuous event is a linear event where the start position of a segment is the same as the end position of its preceding event, such as for speed limits. A point event occurs at a point along a route, for example, an accident at milepost 6.3 on route I-10. In ArcInfo, an event is defined in terms of a route and measures along the route. See also route-system.
an occasion, circumstance, or activity that occurred within a particular period of time, or continued over an extended period of time.
An "event" in genetic engineering is the insertion of a particular piece of foreign DNA into the chromosome of the recipient. Insertion occurs in random locations, so each event is unique. The event can affect how a gene is expressed in the organism. Once an event occurs, the transgene can be passed to the next generation as a normally inherited gene.
Successful transformation of an organism by insertion of exotic genetic material (DNA). Events vary in the genetic package inserted into the organism and the particular place where this genetic package is inserted into the host DNA.
Container Container to hold a single-time collection of data in a timeseries. Content model matches that of "snap" with an additional "dataDateTime".
An actual storm or a computer program that models a single storm response.
Usually an event is a walk, at least at this point. Bicycle rides, cross country skiing, and swimming events are also sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association and can be entered into your distance and event books.
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What precipitates a play. For example, Big Daddy's birthday is the event in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
A network message that indicates some irregularity in the physical and software elements of a network. An event may be informational or it may require the user to perform a specific task.
In the NetView program, a record indicating irregularities of operation in physical elements of a network.
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Each event is won by the first team to reach five games. Should a set be tied at 4-4, a nine-point tiebreaker is played.
A type of card. Some of the most powerful cards in the game, as they change game rules when they are in play.
"Event" refers to some condition of scientific interest either unexpected in the data stream or determined by condtions that exceed predetermined ranges.
In OEE, a production loss which must be categorized. OEE's purpose is to clarify the nature and effect of Events.
This is a term fraught with ambiguity; see discussion below.
Activity generally organized and facilitated by troops, service units, areas, or council-wide; commonly organized and facilitated by adults or girl/adult teams; sometimes done by volunteers alone or in partnership with professional staff.
That range of differentiation of the named which is better specified than situation, but less well specified than object. Most commonly employed with respect to durational transition. (In earlier sketches employed where we now employ Existence.)
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Exempt subscription
See channel event, instrumentation event, performance event, and queue manager event.
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a product of the interaction of a proton and an anti-proton.
A data structure that represents an interaction between you and an application or between applications. Events travel through the event space either toward you or away (i.e. toward the root region).
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See Christ event
A cell or particle that is registered or recognized by the detectors.
A programmable ON/OFF output signal. Events can control peripheral equipment or processes, or act as input for another control or control loop.
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A point in space-time, specified by its time and place.
A subset of a sample space.
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To break forth.
A get-together of members of a living history organization in an environment designed to recreate aspects of the time period.
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An affair in hand; business; enterprise.
A change of condition in a real device, e.g. when a temperature or pressure exceeds a pre-set value.
An event is any change of state of any device on the network.
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Used in two different senses: (1) learning event and (2) system event. Back to top of glossary
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A value-tag pair.
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An event or multiple events occur in order for the contract to pay out
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Product Group