Definitions for "Arrow"
A missile weapon of offense, slender, pointed, and usually feathered and barbed, to be shot from a bow.
The missile shot by an archer from a bow. Consisting of; Nock, Shaft, Pile and Fletchings.
Projectile fired from a bow. A term used in skill descriptions to indicate that the strike type is projectile.
Arrows have a maximum diameter of 9.3 millimetres. Each arrow must be marked with the competitor's name or initials, while archers use distinctive colours and patterns on the arrow fletching to distinguish their arrows.
interface: The default shape of the cursor used for selecting objects and commands..
marginal marking, shaped like a "V" which served as a guide for cutting sheets into smaller units, and as a guide in the perforation process.
Arrow provides an elegant, powerful interface to electronic mail.
Arrow is an elegant, powerful, graphical interface to electronic mail. This is not just another single window mail reader. Instead, it displays each mailbox and message in a separate window, thereby allowing one to simultaneously open as many mailboxes and view and compose as many messages as one wishes.
Arrow Springs, 4301A Product Drive Shingle Springs, CA 95682, Phone: (800) 899-0689, Local Phone: (530) 677-1400 Fax: (530) 677-1600, E-mail: [email protected] , Hours Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM Pacific Time, Arrow Springs Primarily a supplier of lampworking equipment, a useful source when needed, including the Hot Head Torch.
Alphonsus Celestine Edmund Cassell MBE (born November 16, 1954) is a soca musician who performs under the stage name Arrow.
Arrow is horse ridden by American Bruce Davidson and Canadian Graeme Thom in the equestrian sport of eventing.
Symbol on pattern pieces indicating lengthwise grain, direction of stitching, or direction for folding pleats and tucks.
a graphism that indicates whether a chord should be played from low to acute or the contrary
an indicator or relation between two entities
Arrow was a fictional superhero originally published by Centaur Publications. He first appeared in 1938 in Funny Pages #21. After Centaur Publications went out of business, Arrow, along with most other company properties, lapsed into public domain.
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a marker, usually a physical arrow, pointing to the location of the North player at each table.
a sign of whatever it points toward
An arrow pointing up and out of the cup promises that your luck is on the up.
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a composite tool-it's made out of multiple parts-so it serves as a way to learn different skills
Aural Read Respond Oral Written - scheme to aid learning.
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see diamond head
An arrow pointing away from the handle means that you may have to tell someone bad news.
An arrow heading towards the handle warns bad news is on its way.
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an example of a glyph
Synonym for bolt which is preferred by some modern crossbow manufacturers.
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a knife thrust with a whole lot of force behind it
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denotes mortality.
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ee transition arc
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If you don't know this, I give up
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Arrowhead Bear