Definitions for "Shotgun"
A light, smooth-bored gun, often double-barreled, especially designed for firing small shot at short range, and killing small game.
This is a spread fire, but it has two unique properties. One is that it's range is limited. Its shots do not travel to the edge of the screen. The other property is that its shots can destroy enemy bullets. This weapon is found in shooters like 1943, and some others shooters too.
(n.) A shoulder arm designed primarily for shooting a large number of small projectiles at once. The shot spread out, making it easier to hit a moving target. Shotguns are used with birdshot to hunt birds (obviously) and small game. They can also be loaded with buckshot for hunting larger game (up to deer-sized) or anti-personnel use, or slugs, a single projectile loading used for hunting big game. Note that while a shotgun can fire more than one projectile per cartridge, this is different than an automatic weapon, which although it shoots more than one projectile per pull of the trigger, does so in succession.
A two-drum, live skyline yarding system in which the carriage moves down the skyline by gravity, is lowered to attach logs, then raised and pulled to the landing by the main line. AKA "flyer".
when the quarterback receives the snap from center through the air as opposed to from 'under center.' Usually, the quarterback lines up 5 yards deep in the back field. Used for a host of reasons ranging from better vision for the QB to eliminating the QB's 'blind side' during the pass rush.
Both a formation and a type of snap: the center throws the ball backwards from the snap to the quarterback instead of the QB being right behind the center to get the ball handed backwards. Shotgun-muoto (Arolainen) "Shotgun"
A long and narrow highly directional microphone. Aimed at its subject, the shotgun mic is designed to capture sound from long distances.
A very directional mic that is often affixed to the front of the camera or to a boom or fishpole.
Highly directional microphone with long barrel designed to pick up a narrow field of sound and rejection off-axis sounds.
To blow cannabis smoke to another user usually done by placing a joint in a tube and then putting the burning end of the joint into your mouth and putting your lips around the tube and then blowing. The smoke streams out of the tube as the recipiant inhales the smoke stream slowly.
In the slang of consumers of cannabis, shotgun can have one of a number of meanings.
Launch of antiradiation (SHRIKE) missile by Wild Weasel.
a hallless building one room wide and three or more rooms deep with roof ridge perpendicular to the street.
a long, narrow one-story building, with rooms lined up one behind the other inside
a one-story dwelling consisting of three or four rooms lined up one behind the other, with no hallway
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Shotgun is a Lotus Notes database, which allows bulk messages to be composed and sent to people based on information such as Location, Department, Server, or even everybody in a Name and Address Book -- anything in the NAB. You decide
(Shotgun Sequencing) Process of large scale sequencing where genome is randomly cleaved and transferred into libraries/clones. Sequencing is completed on each clone generating multiple coverage (X) as clone sequences overlap and assembled into contigs. Once have many contigs go to finishing process to fill in all gaps and derive complete genome sequence.
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a good idea, both for defence, providing small game, birds, ect, and even larger game
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a wonderfully effective method, but must be aimed where it will kill - the brain stem or heart
A tournament that positions the starting of players at different holes and yet, starts all players at the same time. This tee time format is used in order to accommodate a large group of players on the course and allowing them to finish simultaneously. Normally considered an acceptable format if the group has a minimum of 72 or more players.
Draw poker with extra rounds of betting that start after the third card is dealt.
Dual Bonded Analog Modem Shotgun is the brand name of a modem made by Diamond Multimedia that achieved 112 Kb speeds by using two phone lines at the same time. Shotgun (more generally called dual bonded analog) technology was useful in areas not served by digital phone equipment