Definitions for "Revolver"
One who, or that which, revolves; specifically, a firearm ( commonly a pistol) with several chambers or barrels so arranged as to revolve on an axis, and be discharged in succession by the same lock; a repeater.
A firearm, usually a handgun, with a cylinder having several chambers so arranged as to rotate around an axis and be discharged successively by the same firing mechanism through a common barrel.
Firearm with a turning cylinder that holds several cartridges. Although some examples were produced earlier, the weapon only became common from the mid-19thC.
a credit card user that constantly carries a balance and is charged regular, monthly interest on their charges
A revolver is a term credit card issuers use for cardholders who roll over part of the account balance to the next month, instead of paying off the balance in full each month.
Banking jargon for someone who pays only part of his or her balance every month. Those who pay their balance in full are called “deadbeats.
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a very simple, direct, and reliable device
Revolver is a 2005 crime film written and directed by Guy Ritchie. It stars Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, and André 3000.
EVOLVEr (2004) is the fourth studio album release by Swedish thrash metal band The Haunted. This album merges the raw blueprint of their self-titled debut with the slightly more refined and produced sound evident on their subsequent albums.
Revolver is a monthly hard rock and heavy metal magazine published by Future US. Before covering heavy metal and hard rock solely, it was a more mainstream oriented magazine. The magazine is structured in a manner similar to publications such as Spin while covering many avenues within the heavy metal and punk subcultures.
Herbicide; active ingredient: foramsulfuron; main application: turf and ornamental lawns
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a perfect match for the
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a great design whose potential is not always realized
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See Line-of-Credit.