Definitions for "Cartridge"
A complete charge for a firearm, contained in, or held together by, a case, capsule, or shell of metal, pasteboard, or other material.
a complete round of ammunition CAS close air support CLGP cannon-launched guided projectile CLP cleaner, lubricant, preservative cm centimeter CMF career management field
(n.) One round of ammunition, consisting of the case, primer, powder charge, and projectile(s). There are several types: metallic, plastic, paper (which generally does not include a primer), rimfire, and center fire. (See this document for definitions of these other terms.)
Short for Phono Cartridge. The stylus pickup assembly which is mounted on a turntable tonearm that provides disc playback. (See stylus).
The unit containing the stylus (needle) that actually converts small elecrical impulses to sound.
The electromechanical assembly in a turntable that's used to convert the mechanical vibrations picked up by a stylus (phonograph needle) from a record's grooves into electrical energy for amplification; sometimes called a pickup. (See moving-coil, moving-magnet.) Also, a protective plastic casing or sleeve containing magnetic or optical digital data (recording or playback) media.
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Storage unit for materials (ink ribbon cartridges) or for software (font cartridges for laser printers); a storage module that can be removed and transported.
An encasement that holds ink, printers usually have a black ink cartridge and a color ink cartridge.
A vial of ink that is inserted in a modern pen for convenient filling, and that can be disposed of when empty.
Medium used in housing to perform the function of coalescing, filtering or separating. Also referred to as element, media, repack etc. Made in a special physical shape, to be mounted by use of hardware designed for that purpose.
A replaceable porous element made of paper or polyester used as the filter medium in cartridge filters.
A depth, pleated, or surface-type filter component with fixed dimensions and designed to remove suspended particles from water flowing through the filter.
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Cassette Tape Cat 5
(1) A housing containing magnetic tape wound between two spools and which has a write-protect switch. (2) An ink bladder for the Paintjet Printer.
A case containing reeled magnetic tape, a takeup reel and feed mechanisms, used instead of 9-track reel-to-reel tapes on some computer systems. Although several standard sizes of magnetic tape cartridges exist, OCLC accommodates only IBM 3480-compatible cartridges.
A rigid container employed to store unmixed adhesive compositions in pre-measured amounts; cartridges may feature a side-by-side or coaxial configuration.
Pneumatically operated device for deposition of solder creams or adhesives.
A relatively rigid container used for storing unmixed adhesives in pre-measured quantities. Cartridges can either be side-by-side or coaxial.
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A cartridge provides a rotary or slicing motion to shut off the water flow as opposed to a compression stem and bonnet. The compression stem, which has a flat rubber washer at the bottom, uses a downward rotary force to shut off the water flow against a seat.
A small container that is used in a larger piece of equipment and can be easily replaced. Moen's patented one-piece cartridge means no washers, springs or discs. The self-contained assembly also has fewer parts for greater reliability and worry-free performance. And, if ever required, replacement is also simple: just take out the old and drop in the new.
Typically refers to a valve cartridge. It is a single-piece unit that replaces the use of separate seats, stems, and seals for water-flow control.
A ready-made effect in a pot complete with igniter and electrical contacts. When inserted into its pod it is ready to fire. The pod is wired to a firing box. The whole is a modular effects system using standard pots and interchangeable cartridges.
A pre-packed container for housing components of a water purification system. Because of the modular design of elements placed in a cartridge, the changing of exhausted components is much easier.
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see turbo cartridge cast crankshaft cast piston caster cat-back
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a smokey grey in most instances
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an unsuccessful format
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The construction which is used on the chairs and chaises, which has extra sews rather than buttons on the cushions. Used on Universal Chair and Chaise Cushions.
A stored program in Java or PL/SQL that adds the necessary functionality for the database to understand and manipulate a new datatype. Cartridges interface through the Extensibility Framework within Oracle 8 or 8i. interMedia Text is just such a cartridge, adding support for reading, writing, and searching text documents stored within the database.
a way to incorporate publisher materials, like a textbook, into a Blackboard course)
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A rough finished paper used for wrapping.
originally used for making cartridges, later used as a strong wrapping paper and as an artists paper.
a tough, opaque paper with a rough surface
a plug-in object that performs an application function
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