Definitions for "DOP"
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Dilution of Precision. A measure of the receiver-satellite(s) geometry. DOP is a geometric calculation of the uncertainty in a position fix. Also referred to as GOP or GDOP.
Dilution of Precision, a description of the purely geometrical contribution to the uncertainty in a position fix. Standard terms for the GPS application are: GDOP: Geometric ( 3 position coordinates plus clock offset in the solution) PDOP: Position (3 coordinates) HDOP: Horizontal (2 horizontal coordinates) VDOP: Vertical (height only) TDOP: Time (clock offset only) RDOP: Relative (normalized to 60 seconds).
The ilution recision measures the relative degradation of the accuracy of the navigation solution based on the constellation geometry. The reported value can be multiplied by the uncertainty in the range measurements (assumed to be the same for all transmitters) to provide the uncertainty in the navigation solution.
Dioctlyphthalate (diethylhexylphosphate), an oily liquid used in aerosol form as a challange for efficiency and leak testing HEPA Filters.
di-octyl phthalate (see DEHP)
Dioctylphthalate, an aerosol medium used as a challenge for efficiency and leak testing of hepa filters.
Defence and Overseas Policy - Sub-Committee on International Terrorism
Cabinet Committee dealing with Defence & Overseas Policy, Sub-Committee on International Terrorism. Its branches are chaired by the Home Secretary.
Declaration of Principles relating to the Oslo Peace Accord of 1993
Declaration of Principles of the Oslo Agreements that formed the basis for the Oslo peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.
The currency of the Dominican Republic. ISO international currency code:...
Dominican Peso
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A little copper cup in which a diamond is held while being cut.
A holder for diamonds while they are being cut and polished, originally made of solder, modern ones are controlled by computer to enable further mechanisation, and accuracy of shape.
Device for holding diamond during the process of cutting and polishing.
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To dip.
A dip; a low courtesy.
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Di Origine Protetta
Di Origine Protette
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Digital Orthophoto ( glossary)
Department of Buildings
Department of Personnel. The state's central human resource agency. DOP provides a full range of services, including recruitment, screening, and referral of job candidates; compensation and classification administration and consultation; employee training and organizational development; civil service rule development and administration; and consultation and guidance on other human resource matters.
The latest date of publication of an identical national standard.
The degree of parallelism of an operation.