Definitions for "Filtration"
The act or process of filtering; the mechanical separation of a liquid from the undissolved particles floating in it.
passage of liquid through a filter or a membrane that acts like a filter
the process of removing suspended particles from untreated water by passing the water through porous substances; part of the process to convert raw water into higher quality water.
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Peritoneum Urology
In mathematics, a filtration is an indexed set Si of subobjects of a given algebraic structure S, with the index i running over some index set I that is a totally ordered set, subject only to the condition that if i ≤ j in I then Si is a subset of Sj.
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an expensive proposition
A technique for smoothing a function. It replaces the function value at a point with the average of the function values in some neighborhood of point . Inspirer uses this technique for smoothing (and eliminating random noise) illuminance distribution.
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an available option
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