Definitions for "Proposition"
A statement of religious doctrine; an article of faith; creed; as, the propositions of Wyclif and Huss.
A complete sentence, or part of a sentence consisting of a subject and predicate united by a copula; a thought expressed or propounded in language; a from of speech in which a predicate is affirmed or denied of a subject; as, snow is white.
A statement in terms of a truth to be demonstrated, or of an operation to be performed.
A question of public policy appearing on the ballot. A political committee supporting or opposing a question of public policy on the ballot has the same filing requirements as a political committee supporting or opposing a candidate.
a ballot measure proposed to the citizens for their approval
(See Ballot initiative)
an explanation of an event iff it contains information about the causes of the event
a predictive one iff someone stands in the predicting relation to it
a wager based on the outcome of certain elements within an event
a proposal offered for acceptance or rejection; "it was a suggestion we couldn't refuse"
suggest sex to; "She was propositioned by a stranger at the party"
a representamen which is not an argument, but which separately indicates what object it is intended to represent
a priori if and only if
a priori if it can be known (or justified) independently of sensory experience
The same prearranged position to be played over a certain amount of times, most often for money or as a way to settle a dispute most often over a cube decision. If Player A believes a cube is a take and Player B believes it is a drop, they can play the proposition out many times for money and typically the player most correct will be the one that wins more money.
A prearranged position in the game that is played several times to settle a dispute in the game.
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a model of reality as we imagine it
a picture of reality as we imagine it
The part of a poem in which the author states the subject or matter of it.
A final claim made by a debater and supported by a combination of claims.
a debate subject that can be discussed from opposing points of view
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a hybrid sort of entity in which an eternal object, simple or complex, is fused with an actual entity, or nexus of actual entities
An unusual or offbeat betting opportunity.
A bet on a particular aspect of a game or on a non-sports event.
an offer for a private bargain (especially a request for sexual favors)
Proposition in politics, currently rarely used, designates political parties, factions and individuals in a legislature who are favorable and supportive of the ruling government, as against the Opposition.
a picture of a scientific culture succeeded to the exhausted philosophical vision
a discrete unit of meaning
an assertoric unit of meaning
usually means product offer, can mean sales proposal. The initial proposition means the basis of the first approach.
a paper, no more than forty pages in length, devoted to a significant problem in philosophy
a specific instantiation of a relation
an expression of such a thought
A way to express policy in a way that makes sense to the people we are targeting and gives them a clear understanding of what's in it for them or for society as a whole.
an expression used as a conclusion or premise of an Inference Step
a cognitive representation of a state of affairs in the world
a description of a state of affairs
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See concept.
idea or concept, a clause with at least a noun/verb.
The act of setting or placing before; the act of offering.
That which is proposed; that which is offered, as for consideration, acceptance, or adoption; a proposal; as, the enemy made propositions of peace; his proposition was not accepted.
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an abstraction
a task to be dealt with; "securing adequate funding is a time-consuming proposition"
a series of signs on a piece of paper clearly distinguishable form the world to which they refer
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the act of making a proposal; "they listened to her proposal"
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a carrier of information
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a set of situations
a sign which separately indicates its object
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a piece of information, e